Wednesday, July 13, 2011

WWTK--Perfect Me?

We Want To Know Wednesday is here again.  The lovely ladies co-hosting this party: Mamarazzi, Impulsive Addict, Seriously Shawn, and Janette.


This week the questions come from Mamarazzi:
  1. What activities make you lose track of time?  Reading.  If it is a good book, I'll lose track of time every time.  Sometimes weekend activities will make me lose track of time--road hunting--where you go hunt for a road you haven't driven on and then see where it takes you.  But mostly I'm pretty aware of the time--nap time must be observed or Bruiser turns into a monster.
  2. Is there such a thing as perfect?  The only perfect that exists is the perfectly imperfect.  I'm imperfect.  I know I am and I am not trying to be perfect--that way lies insanity.
  3. When do you feel most like yourself?  Hanging out with my family I guess.  There are times when I'm not really sure who I am.  I have a lot of faces I wear, but I guess the one that is most me is the one I get to share with my hubby and my family.
  4. Describe yourself in a six word sentence.  I am a geeky, book-loving mom/wife.  That might be pushing the six words, but I think it works.
  5. Share one of your most beloved childhood memories.  I loved going on spontaneous adventures with my mom.  She would load us up in the 1972 VW bus she had and off we would go.  Sometimes to the mountains, sometimes to find a random dirt road to bumble down.  Other times we would head to specific places--Yellowstone or just to the next closest town, or to see friends.  As we would start these adventures we would ask where we were going.  She would answer "Crazy and you don't have a choice you coming with me!"  I think my current love of getting past the city limit sign comes from those adventures when I was a kid. 
Now go link up--it's so much fun.


  1. Yes, reading does the same thing to me too!

  2. Oh man! I should have said reading too. It gets me every time.

    What great memories of you and your Mom. That sounds like fun. :)

  3. Perfectly imperfect - love that!!

    Your childhood memory made me think of back-road driving with my parents when we were kids. We didn't have a destination, just the drive, with maybe a promise of treat at a store...if we came across one. And if my dad was REALLY in a good mood he'd sing church hymns at the top of his lungs. I went on a road trip with my brother and his girlfriend last summer, and when we were waiting to cross the border into the States, we were stuck waiting so lung that we started singing some of those old hymns. My bro's gf thought we were nuts... ;)

  4. oh wow ur mom sounds like so much fun!! i love that

  5. Adventures with your mom sound awesome!

  6. I LOVE your sentence. Hyphenated words only count as one. I think you're ok! ;)

    I love your childhood memory. I think I'll tell Emma that we're going crazy when she asks! =)

    Thanks for always linking up with us!

  7. Heehee, these are great! I think your childhood memory sounds fun!

  8. I love reading too!

    Your childhood memory or memories sound great. I love what your how your mother answered you about your adventures!

  9. K, I would love to have a VW Bus right now! What a great childhood memory! Sounds like a blast!!

  10. I just love the visual of the VW bus! That is awesome. I always wished we had one when I was a kid! I totally lose track of time being outdoors too. It's just so easy to get distracted by it all. Especially up in your area!!!

  11. my grandpa use to tell us he was going crazy and it would only be a short trip.

    love your answers...i am perfectly imperfect to and happy about it!!

    thanks for linking up.

  12. I think your sentance'd work better as I'm a geeky, bookloving mom/wife :)

    My husband would be so jealous of the vw bus, he is always looking for vw to remake it. :) Going on random adventures sounds like a lot of fun! :)
    Maybe too adventurous for me, but still fun!

  13. Love your answer to #2. Perfectly imperfect... yep, that is me too!

    I wish I loved books more. I used to read, but I've lost the desire to since my girls were born. Well, I do read to them, I just don't read for me anymore.

    Your adventures in the VW bus sound awesome! I would have LOVED that as a kid!!!

  14. lol! My mother used to say that EXACT SAME THING... I'd ask.. where are we going.. .she'd say "Crazy, ya wanna come along?"... I find myself saying it to my son... although at the age of 3, he responds-- NOOOOOOO!!!! I don't want to go CRAZY!!! haha!

  15. I get lost in books, too! Great things to know about you! You and I think a lot alike. Must be the state we live in. LOL

  16. Those sound like some awesome adventures with your mom!

  17. I definitely lose track of time reading too. I love really getting lost in a good book. Why are there no more Harry Potter or Twilight books left to read? If you have any good book suggestions I'd love to hear them.

    Those spontaneous trips with your mom sound amazing. I would love to do that with my future kids someday. I love her answer too. Crazy! :-)


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