Monday, July 25, 2011

Just Another Day in the Sun

We stayed home this weekend and puttered around the house.  Doing those things that don't get done when you are always on the go.
I sorted through the 3T bin of clothes, had a hot date with the vacuum (and I do mean HOT. It was in the upper 80s/lower 90s all weekend).  Nick attacked the garage and actually found the floor space to park the four wheeler in there again.  No we don't park the car in the garage--even without all the stuff in there the car would never fit.  OK the car might fit but getting in and out would be a trick.
The boys were typical boys.  They spent the weekend splashing in the wading pool, riding bikes up and down the side walk and sometimes trying to combine the two.
Bruiser on his Y-bike zooming around like a superhero.
We barbecued all weekend.  Let nick watch a few Barbecue cook-off shows and it nets me tasty food all weekend, with only minimal effort on my part.  Nick's folks came over Saturday and we had friends over on Sunday.  Good food and good company makes even the heat bearable.
Surprise Turbo!
Bruiser pooling it up.
So we had a pool, shady trees, and family.  Saturday was wonderful.  Then Turbo got to spend the night on the deck in the tent I got for a steal at a yardsale.
I was there, redneck tanktop and all.

Handsome hubby!
 So all in all, even with the heat, we had a great weekend.  Relaxing and we got some stuff taken care of that needed doing.
How was your weekend?  Did you melt?  Did you offer a moving buffet for the bugs?  Did you eat good?  We did!


  1. Ooh, bbq will get me out of cooking and clean up! I will ALWAYS say yes to it! Glad your weekend was fun!

  2. Sounds like an awesome weekend! Cute pictures. We beat the heat by go bowling :)

  3. 80s is heat? I ditched 100s to get to 80s!

  4. Don't you love productive yet relaxing weekends. They are so satisfying.


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