Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Random Musings--Hey It's Tuesday!

So here we are once again doing up the random.  Still rebelling with Stacy and no Keely in sight.  Good thing Stacy is still leading the rebellion, thank goodness.  I've got to have someplace for my random thoughts to play.
  • It's really hard to get into the swing of things after a wonderful relaxing weekend.
  • I could really do with a long weekend that involves a beach and water and little drinks with umbrellas in them.  Sadly for me to get to a beach involves much money and most probably an airplane.  So I have to make do with a wading pool and the sand box.  Not quite the same--but admittedly much cheaper.
  • Bruiser is hitting the demanding stage of the terrible twos.  I get to hear sit down, get that, do this!  Being ordered about by a two year old is entertaining.  I rarely let him win, I'm still bigger.
  • Turbo loves to zoom up and down the sidewalk on his bike.  He's getting pretty good on it.  Nick is planning a couple of trips to school so Turbo can get used to crossing streets and then locking up his bike.  It's those little things that he needs to make a bike ride to school successful.
  • I went back through the clothes I had for Turbo when he was fitting into 3T clothes.  I had next to no shorts in that size for him.  I think he was still wearing 2T shorts.  Not so much Bruiser.  The kid needs 3T shorts now.  Guess what Mom's looking for when we go school shopping for Turbo.  Second hand clothes are such a bargain.
  • Nick got some bad news yesterday that threw him for a loop.  It's not really something I can blog about, but think good thoughts for him, please?
And that's the random for today.  Go see Stacy and rebel on!


  1. Sending really good thoughts Nick's way.

    I played the hand-me-down game also. Lucky for me my sister-in-law had 3 boys. Lots of clothes for every season.

  2. Gotcha covered in the good thoughts category! I hope whatever it is smoothes over immediately!
    I've taken to giving all Sprite's hand-me-downs to my friend Becca for her daughter. Who then handed it down to her second daughter. And is now waiting for me to get pregnant so she can hand them back! :-)

  3. Happy thoughts your way! And 2nd hand clothes rock! We got a bunch from a friend who had 2 boys and now that Leo will have a brother soon then a lot of those clothes will be handed down to him! I love saving money!

  4. Getting bossed around by a two year old...oh how I know what you're talking about! My 2 yo niece steals my blanket from me everytime we're at my parents (cold in the AC). She's got her own, but she insists on stealing mine too. I refused to give it up the other day, and we ended up in an all-out war. My mom shook her had at me, and said, "I can't believe you're fighting with a 2 year old."

    Thinking good thoughts for your hubby...

  5. 2-year olds grow up. I once was bigger than my 2-year old. The table has turned and now he towers over me like a Redwood tree.

    Sending out positive thoughts and prayers to Nick.

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  6. Somehow we skipped terrible twos and fought the awful threes. I think it's bad either way. Also, sending along good vibes. Happy rtt.

  7. Sorry about the bad news. I will definitely send positive vibes your way!

  8. That sucks about the bad news: I'll send some good cheer over! :)

    The Terrible Two's can go die. Munchkin is in them right now, though she is closer to three. So. frustrating...

    Happy Tuesday! :D

  9. Sending positive thoughts and margueritas via USB your way!! ;-)

  10. Definitely sending good thoughts for Nick your way... ((HUGZ!!))

    I remember those days of being ordered around by a 2-year old...now at 8 Princess Nagger still tries to get away with it. I'm still bigger. ;)

    Sounds like Turbo and PN had the same 'problem' with clothes sizes - at 8 she can still fit in 6 or 6x, except for pants and jeans...then they're too short. I have to make sure I get the super duper slim version of 7/8, or at least with an adjustable waist (which then just looks poofy, but at least the length is good). :)

    Practice runs to the school and locking up the bike is a good idea - then Turbo will be all set when school starts! :)

    Thanks for randoming up again - sorry I'm late getting caught up! :)

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