Friday, July 29, 2011

Confession Time

It's Friday!  You know what that means?  As of quitting time today the weekend starts!  Now to just get through today.  Oh, and it time to join Mamarazzi and confess everything so you can go into the weekend (what a wonderful word) with a clear conscience.
So here goes:

  • I had my hot date with the vacuum last weekend.
  • Unfortunately, it had such a good time it wants to see me again this weekend.
  • It encouraged my boys to be extra crumby this week.
  • And made the dog and cat just spread hair everywhere.
  • I also get to have a fling with the laundry.
  • It's been getting jealous of the time spent with the vacuum.
  • And the dishes(who I've been seeing every stinking night--I know).
  • Really, there's enough of me to go around.
  • I don't wear makeup.
  • I've never really found the right foundation.
  • Looking dead or orange just doesn't work.
  • So I go without.
  • I'd love to try the Bare Minerals makeup.
  • It looks so easy to use.
  • I think that's half the trouble, putting on makeup is a pain.
  • And looking dead, or like a hooker who put her makeup on in the dark, is just not attractive.
  • I really want to sleep in this weekend.
  • You ever feel like your running in circles and not getting anywhere?
  • I've been feeling like that for the last couple of weeks.
  • Maybe August will be better.
  • It's certainly going to be busy enough.
  • We had to have the S-E-X talk last night with Turbo.
  • He asked The Question.
  • What is sex?
  • I think he may have gotten a bit more than he bargained for.
  • But he is a bit better informed than he was.
  • We kept it pretty basic, no pictures or diagrams--don't think he's really ready for that part yet.
  • But he does have a better idea of what goes on and why adults do that.
  • Still, not exactly what I thought I'd be discussing with my 8 year old on a Thursday evening.
Now go link up and visit the other confessors this week at Mamarazzi's place.



  1. Wow, does your weekend sound like mines shaping up to be.

    That make-up thing...I use Physicians Formula from Wal-mart. It's a mineral powder that blends into your face, no more looking pasty or well, shall we call it over done. It's not as costly as bare minerals, but it's the same concept. It's a small section, but well worth the investigation if you're interested in an alternative.

    August? How did it get to be August? summer used to drag when we were 12, now they go so quickly I can barely get my shorts out before it's over.

    TGIF! Have a great weekend!

  2. I don't wear makeup and I'm always running in circles myself. We are connected, methinks. And now that I can comment, I'm going back to yesterday's Spin!

  3. I used to be all about the make-up---foundation, eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow, lipstick...then with this last break-up I was like "No more." Now, I only used eyeshadow and eyeliner and that's only during the week for work! LOL

  4. I don't wear make up either. I never had my mom or a friend teach me the basics. So, I think, I look like a clown when I put it on.

    I miss sleeping in.

    I've got a pile of laundry to fold and put away. Hate laundry!

  5. oh no- not the sex talk. that sounds scary.

  6. WTF, the dishes are cheating on me? How do they find the energy?

    Better that you have the talk than he learn from some kid on the bus who's mom is having another baby, right?

  7. Oh boy! The sex talk already; but yep better the info coming from us than others. Love your cleaning analogy- makes it seem almost a good thing to do

  8. I've tried bare minerals and still have some around. I used it for 1-2 years and I'm not sure why. I liked it because it wasn't liquid I guess, I liked it being a powder without looking to... powdery. But it didn't give me good coverage and I break out a good bit. So I tried Clinque. It gives me good coverage.. plus the counter ladies at Bon Ton matched me up. I've tried to buy different store brands but nothing compares to Clinque for me.

  9. Oh cleaning! How you ruin every woman's life!

    I've tried Bare Minerals & I really liked it - but I just went back to wearing nothing. It's so much easier! And once you stop wearing foundation, your skin breathes, and looks fabulous! I do love me some eye make up though.

    The sex talk! Bah! That must have been a little bit interesting! At least he got to hear it from you & not some dumb kids, or a tv show.

  10. NO MAKEUP? You lucky duck. You will age a lot slower than the rest of us that don't dare walk out the door without it on for fear that people will jump back and be scared of me. =(

    There are 3 things I'm dreading as a parent: Potty training, the sex talk, and the first heartbreak. I don't even want to think about the last two. *shivers*

  11. I love that you are dating your chores, perhaps I should try that, maybe they won't seem so boring

    I am SO not looking forward to THE talks going on around here, they shall stay children forever

  12. I don't wear makeup much either, I always put it on wrong. I do have bare minerals makeup that I love. It doesnt feel all gross and heavy like the other stuff.

    Haha oh man the sex talk. I can't even imagine how awkward that must have been.

  13. Ugghhh I'm over my laundry, vacuum & dishes fighting over me. I want to break up :)

    No makeup... ohhh how I love makeup. It is just so fun! I know, I am weird.

    SEX talk... Yikes! Good for you for putting it out there. I think now a days you have to once they start asking questions because really do we want to leave the answers up to some little punk in thier class at school or something. LOL

  14. I am so glad the girls are older - no more sex talks for me. Back in the day we learned it from the bathroom stalls but now they frown on vandalism. ;)

  15. I have the same problem with foundation so I started using rice paper to absorb the oil on my face and a little bronzer on my cheeks and a touch on the nose. Then I just put on some liner and mascara and I am good to go. Basic, simple, and the rice paper travels and is like 4 bucks for a package of 100 I think they are made by nutrogena.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog have a great weekend!!!

    Karma Kristin

  16. I was reading pretty quickly, until I thought I read "we had S-E-X last night." You can bet I slowed down, backed up and read more carefully! LOL!

    I'm in for the same kind of weekend you are -- laundry, dishes and a desire for sleep.

  17. Wow the SEX talk at 8! Good that he came to you with his questions rather than the kid on the back of the school bus (cuz that is totally where I got my information at his age..) That is really a credit to your good parenting! You go Mom!

  18. Way late but yeah, I don't wear make up either unless we're going out.


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