Friday, July 8, 2011

I'm Confessin'...

...that I really need to confess.  I didn't last week and it's definitely time.
I confess:

  • I missed confessing last week.
  • But I was having fun heading to go camping.
  • The dust Rhinos are taking over the living room.
  • I really need to vacuum.
  • It's the local celebration--which means carnival and weekend street dances.
  • It's called Jubilee Days.  We call it Stumbly Days.
  • And yes I've stumbled home from down town more than once.
  • But those days were B.C.(before children).
  • I'm a good girl now.  
  • You believe me right?
  • My toes are bright pink right now.
  • It's a fun color for summer.
  • I need a tan on my legs.
  • Maybe I'll spend some time in the sun this weekend.
  • If the sun cooperates.
  • I'm going to start dancing again.
  • I finally feel well enough to dance it up.
  • Just Dance here I come!
And on that upbeat optimistic note, I'll leave you to confess and join Mamarazzi for the confessing fun.


  1. WooHOO for pink toes! I'm rocking pink toes this summer, too. It's my way of rebelling from the black I wear to work all week. :)

    Dance it up. You deserve it.

  2. Haha - "Stumbly" days...The road my parents live on is called Stanton Road. The neighbours are all good friends, and most weekends are spent travelling from one garage party to the other. Hence, it has now been dubbed "Stagger Road" - because you just stagger home when you're done. I get it. ;)

  3. I was planning on beer in the sun this weekend but I think it's supposed to rain the entire time. Sad! :( Happy Friday.

  4. Glad to hear you are going to start dancing again! Sometimes that can be the best medicine :)

  5. Dancing is such a fun way to exercise. Have fun! Lol, stumbly days, that's a perfect name for any event where there's loads of drinking. :-)

  6. My toes are hot pink right now too! ☺

    The sun isn't cooperating for me, I need a tan on my legs horribly bad.

    Hope you have a grand time dancing!

  7. I love painting my nails fun colors in the summer. [well all the time]. I switch once a week, or so. It's so much fun! I love sandals & painted nails.

  8. yay for dancing!!

    check your sunscreen for an expiration date. i got FRIED last weekend...mine was expired.

    dust rhinos...uh oh, that sounds WAY scarier than dust bunnies.

    thanks for linking up!

  9. My toes are currently painted a weird ice blue color my 9 year old painted for me... I've got to keep it there for a day so I don't hurt her feelings! I'm way more a dark polish girl!

  10. Hmmm, my toenail color is chipping, maybe bright pink would be fun!

  11. I've got dust Rhinos too, what a coincidence! I say that it is a sign of a mama that spends time WITH her kids not with the house. Did you buy that? yeah, I'm still trying to sell myself completely on that one too. LOL.

    YAY for pink toes!!! :)


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