Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts--Summer and Stupid Things

So, time to do the random thing with our fearless leader Stacy (filling in for Keely, but no so sure Keely's going to take it back).  Random it up and join in the fun.

  • We have been having afternoon thunder storms.  This is totally normal for us, but last year we didn't have them so this year it seems like we have been getting a lot of them.  IT's nice because we don't have to water so much, but the thunder makes Turbo nervous.
  • The abscess on Piper's ear seems to be getting better.  I swear that cat thinks she can take on any thing, no matter what it's size.  I'm just hoping that her ear continues to get better.
  • Bruiser is all about his Ribbit (the frog Nick won at the carnival).  It goes everywhere with Bruiser--up stairs in the morning (his bedroom is in the basement), off to bed at night.  It's sweet.  
  • How can it be almost the middle of July?  Where is this summer going?  It all seems to be racing by so quickly.
  • I didn't get out to the sun this weekend--the sun did not shine at the right time--stupid clouds.
  • And I'm still offering a moving buffet to the mosquitoes.  I swear they will find the only place I miss with the Eu de Bug Spray and bite me repeatedly.  Stupid Mosquitoes.
  • We are loving the new back porch--go here to see what Nick did, it's awesome!
  • I have decided to skip my high school reunion.  Not having anything in common with any of the people I graduated with and having had no contact beyond Facebook with many of them, I'm just not interested in going.  I'll have more fun at Nick's next year (I know more people he graduated with, and it's in a totally different town).
Go random up and link up with Stacy--everyone is doing it, just bow to the peer pressure!


  1. I attempted to take the kids to this little park on Saturday morning but as soon as we sat down on a bench to eat our breakfast, we got feasted on by swarms of mosquitoes. It was awful and we had to leave. :( Happy RTT!

  2. I hear you on high school reunions! My 10 year was last summer and nobody did anything about it, but I didn't mind. The people I liked I'm still friends with, and the ones I didn't like I really don't care to see!! Maybe I'll feel differently by 20 years, but who needs reunions with Facebook now anyways??

  3. I'm totally with you on skipping the high school reunion. I honestly don't really see the point in those things. Didn't everyone hate each other during class? Why revisit? (Especially with the advent of Facebook? Talk shit or keep tabs without travelling!)

    I totally envy your thunderstorms. It's almost always raining here, and it sucks because it's mostly that stupid, barely there mist: If we had thunderstorms, this constant rain thing wouldn't be so bad...

    Happy Tuesday~! :D

  4. I love thunder storms because Lucas is afraid of it and wants to cuddle during the storm, it's hard to keep a 3 year old in one place for a long time, but thunderstorms do it for my little guy.. :P

    I hope Piper's ear gets well soon! :)

    We have a frog that thinks it's a cow and actually moos.. :P

    I know what you mean, the days go by so faaast it's crazy!

    I hate mosquitoes and how they just sneak up on people... the buzzing sound drives me nuts especially at night!

    Wow, your new back porch looks great!

    That's weird how you know more of your hubby's high school friends and he went to a different town, but cool as well.. :P

  5. My high school reunion is next year but I don't know how I feel about it.

    And we need the rain. So send some our way!

  6. I'm with you on the high school reunions. I've missed every one. I'm just not interested. I love afternoon thunderstorms!!! All that raindoesn't help with mosquito abatement though!

  7. I skipped my 25 year reunion. High school wasn't a positive experience for me. I keep in touch with who I want to via facebook and odd visits to my hometown. We all have gotten older but most people have NOT changed since high school. I didn't feel the need to torture myself. Ugh.

  8. My hubs and I both skipped ours...we just didnt really stay in touch with enough people...and had no interest in seeing people we hadnt stayed in touch with, there was probably good reason we didnt!

  9. I actually blew off all responsibility this weekend to hang out in the sun with the boys! Vitamin D for all. Sorry about your mosquito problem. Maybe it's your soap or shampoo? I changed a few years ago when someone told me that "Dove" has something in it that they don't like. It doesn't keep them totally away, but it is better!

  10. I'm with you; why does it seem that this year is flying by? And, if so how can we stop it because there is a ton that I need to get done from last month.

  11. We have rain the last couple days... sooo weird because it has been so beautiful.

    LOVE the new back porch. LOVE IT! Now you just need some more sunshine to enjoy it!

    Bummer about the class reunion :(

  12. I'm devastated that summer is this far in. I use summer to get super skinny and I've been too busy to and I don't feel as super tan and skinny as I want to.

    I planned my reunion. I'm so Barbie even I want to smack me sometimes.

  13. This summer seems to be flying by faster than normal, doesn't it? It's hard to believe that Princess Nagger will be starting back to school in only 5-1/2 weeks!

    Hope Piper's ear gets better soon - poor thing!

    Too cute about Bruiser and his Ribbit!

    You can send some clouds and thunderstorms our way - it's been hot, humid and sticky for weeks on end here, with no real relief in sight. Mother Nature's been giving us our usual August weather all summer long so far...don't want to think about how hot she might make it when it actually is August!!

    Like you, I'm constantly a moving buffet to the mosquitoes. The only thing that I've found that really does work are those Off! clip-on thingies that actually do work. Well, you know, if you make sure the batteries aren't dead and you have a full replacement disc of repellent in it. ;)

    Thanks so much for diligently rockin' the random with me each week!! :)

    American Pickers & Motel Fail, Fun Vacation: RTT Rebel


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