Monday, July 18, 2011

Where did the Weekend Go?

Monday?  Really?  Monday all ready?
Where did the weekend go?
Oh I know:

  • Nick had a 3-D archery shhot--up in the hills the club set up 40-50 3-D targets and the archers had to shoot at them and were scored points depending on where they managed to hit the targets.  Nick did OK, but said that the course was very difficult this year.  This took up both Saturday and Sunday.
  • Saturday afternoon we went up and took a drive in the mountains.  Found out that a place we were hoping to go camping was still closed.  A change of plans for next weekend is in order.  We are going camping, jut not sure where yet.
  • I grocery shopped, finished the laundry, played with the boys and avoided vacuuming.
  • Tried to stay cool as it got hot and humid here.  Humidity is something we don't deal with much here.  Right now we are running at 73% humidity.  The normal for us is around 30-40%.  THings have been sticky here the last few days.
  • Had a wonderful evening of talk and drinks with friends.  We got to use our back deck and the tiki torches, a necessary element as the mosquitoes are still vicious here.
  • Took the easy route with dinner and ate out on Saturday, and cooked frozen pizza Sunday.  The idea of cooking just made me want to melt.  Did I mention that it is so very unusually muggy here.  I know, we don't quite have the heat the rest of the country does, but it's definitely hot enough for me.
  • Ran all over town last night looking for a hamburger/hot dog grill cooker thing for Nick.  He wanted it so he could cook hamburgers on the trail when we go four wheeling.  I found nothing in town like what he wanted.  I'm going to have to go out of town for it.
  • Went through Turbo's clothes to cull out the stuff that is too small and to see what he is going to need when we go school shopping next month---School shopping already?  Ack!  This summer is slipping away!
  • Started looking at the 3T clothes bin for Bruiser.  I can't believe how fast they are growing.
I also spent some time wishing I was doing this.
So how was your weekend?  Did you want to melt in the heat too?  For once, I'm kind of looking forward to fall--for the cool down at least.


  1. We did some camping in the desert this past weekend. Which brought me home exhausted and a little sun burned. Enjoyed the two nights out of the city.

  2. I avoid vacuuming whenever I can so I don't blame you.

  3. Sounds like a busy weekend. I avoid all housework, fired the maid, then realized I couldn't do it and cleaned. Ugh. Love the pic and wish I was doing that, too.

  4. 3D archery?? That sounds pretty cool!!! I actually like vacuuming, lol. I think I might do that sometime today.

  5. Seriously, I would love a back deck like that!


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