Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tuesday--Still a Random Rebel

Keely is still haunting her blog, but she's not back to random.  So we are joining our new fearless leader Stacy and keeping the random boat floating chugging along.
And now for my random:
  • This summer has been slower to get here, but now that it is, man it's SUMMER.  Not sure it had to do it up so well.  I'd have been happier with a bit less SUMMER.
  • I still really want a Kindle.
  • I also really want a pair of Keen sandals.
  • Turbo has about 5 1/2 weeks until school starts.  Where has this summer gone?
  • I hate humidity.  Well I hate the sticky feeling I have when it's humid here.  But my hair is looking fabulous. 
  • Nick had a great four wheel ride yesterday.  I'm jealous.
  • We are doing slushies on Thursday.  Margarita slushies.  Yum!
  • I'm still hating allergies.  I think this summer is going to be the allergy summer.  And boy do I know it when I skip the allergy meds. 
  • Bruiser is most definitely two.  Demanding, fickle, and a pain in the tush.  But oh so sweet sometimes--usually timed so I decide that selling him to the gypsies isn't so necessary.
  • I'm dreading potty training him. 
And on that lovely note, my brain is nice and empty.  So go see Stacy at Stacy Uncorked and get your random rebel on!


  1. Marguerita slushies. Yum!!! I just made a fresh batch of Kahlua the other day so I'm just going to cut the middle man and pour it over ice cream. And I wonder why my ass is jiggly... ROFL!

  2. I want to get some Keens too. i hear they are super comfy!

  3. oooh!! I have to write that down about the Kindle.. I am on a rampage to try to get Christmas done early this year and I know my hubs wants one. Have you seen there are a few kinds out there-- I have no idea which is best.. Love Random!

  4. You can get Kindle for PC from Amazon, if that interests you or if you have a smartphone then you should be able to get an app for free for Kindle.

    I'm very much wishing we had a little less summer, too. It's terribly when you wish away a season, but I'm ready for fall.

    Rebelling with you!

  5. Munchkin is like that, too: extremely aggravating to deal with one second, and then hella cute the next. However, she is starting to understand that I am a sucker for those hugs...

    That sucks that those allergies are still wrecking your shit. I hope they let up soon!

    Margarita slushies sound amazing right now.

    Happy Tuesday :)

  6. I hear you on the allergies and humidity. I'm literally scratching my left eye out right now.

  7. I'll take your slushies but pass on the humidity! We have plenty of it here too!

  8. Our school starts in three weeks! I cant't believe it is so soon. Good luck with potty training-never fun

  9. Don't say that summer is almost over! That is so depressing! Wait for Bruiser to potty train himself. ;)

  10. UGH.....this MN summer is crazy! I hate to complain since I've been whining all winter long and asking for sun & summer. But this humidity is gross. Sweat just pours down me. Ish

  11. I may want to join you for the adult slushies. It's only Tuesday evening and I'm done with this week..

  12. Don't remind me about potty training. I have a 19 month old and I'm NOT excited about this potty training business. Is there a class that she can take? Or a book that she can read?

    Summer is definitely HOT this year, huh? Goodness! I'm very close to walking out in bra and panties.

  13. We surely must be twins separated at birth, because I totally could have written everything you did! :)

    Let's see...Kindle - got one for my birthday, LOVE it, so you totally need one. ;)

    My sister has a pair of the Keen sandals - I'm intrigued.

    PN starts school in 5-1/2 weeks, too - where is the summer going??

    I hate humidity, too - bad hair days abound, not to mention the air is so thick you could cut it with a knife. And constant sweating is not a good look on me. ;)

    I'm jealous of the four wheel ride, too.

    Mmmmmm - Margarita slushies? What time should I be there? ;)

    Allergies suck pond water.

    The terrible twos are not fun, except for the sweetness interspersed. Not to make you panic or anything, but PN is now 8...and for her, it's Terrible Twos Times Four sometimes. ;)

    Good luck with the potty training.

    Thanks so much for emptying your brain and randomizing with me each week! :)

    Target and Sears Issues, BFFL Phone Play Date - RTT Rebel

  14. Summer here in Oregon is stupid right now. It has been raining for 5 days & then its been muggy, like Florida muggy. SERIOUSLY WTF???

    I want an iPad2... my sister has one & I am all sorts of jealous. Heck, I'd even settle on an iPad1. LOL

    My littlest is almost 2, she is a nightmare right now. Where did my sweet snuggly little angel go??? THe crossing of the arms, the No, I DON'T WANNA'S, the fits for every single thing. Ohhh geez! She is this tiny little package so it is decieving that she is almost 2 but man when her temper kicks in you know that she isn;t just a sweet little baby. LOL.

  15. I've got to agree with the humidity comment, I'm totally hating it. Summer's been going by way too fast for me. Seems like this year has flown by.


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