Friday, July 22, 2011

Confessing it All Friday

Time to get those deep dark secrets, or just those nagging things that are bothering you.
Here's mine:
  • I just had my hair done.  
  • I mean my annual perm.  
  • Here's before:

  • Here's after:

  • Yeah, I still get a perm--one a year and then the hair is wash and go--pretty much.
  • My morning routine needs to be short and sweet.
  • We were going to go camping this weekend.
  • Now we are staying home.
  • We have been go go go the last few weeks.
  • Time to hang out and get those nagging little chores done.
  • I have a hot date with the vacuum.
  • Slushies last night were wonderful!
  • Margarita slushies, mmmm!
  • I confess I have gotten a couple of surprise packages in the mail recently.
  • One from Mamarazzi:
Some mini goodies to pamper myself!

One of her wonderful mini cook books, a hand made bookmark and card.
  • A great big thank you to both of these wonderful ladies.
  • Each package gave me quite the pick me up.
  • I love getting fun mail.
Now go see the lovely Mamarazzi and check out what everyone else is confessing.  


  1. glad you liked your goodies. I love getting fun mail and have started my own pay it forward project. Makes me feel good and usually puts a smile on the recipients face. Have a wonderful date with the vacuum...if we lived closer we could make it a double, as the vacuum is asking me for a date as well...

  2. I love getting mail that isn't bills. I'd get a perm except my hair already waves so I'd worry what a perm would do. Yours looks very cute and easy.

  3. Your new 'do looks great!

    Mmm...margarita slushies...

    Have a great weekend!

  4. I love fun mail too; something was supposed to show up yesterday and it didn't. Kinda ruined the day!

  5. I love new hair!! Especially when it's super easy to do =) Looks great!!

    Have fun staying home this weekend!

  6. The perm looks great!!

    Margarita slushies, yummy!!

    Oh, fun mail, that is the best!!

    Try to enjoy the weekend, I know camping would have been better than your date!

  7. I dread my (semi)annual perms - but I'm soooo happy that I got one when it's done :-D

  8. Your hair looks so cute! Love it!!

    I love getting fun mail.

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  9. I love the new 'do! Very nice. I'm with you - wash and wear is essential. So why is it my 'do isn't at the mo? Hm.

    Sorry about the camping trip, but hoping that you all have a nice weekend anyway!

  10. Love the before and after pix! Just like in the ads, right? BTW, loved your comment for Freakshow Friday on Leigh vs Laundry. Still LOL!!!!

  11. Your hair looks great. Maybe you'll get to go camping next week?

  12. You hair DOES look great. Sorry sbout not going camping, but congrats on the Margarita slushies!

  13. Cute hair! I love wash and go! Good mail is... so good! Hope you're having a great weekend.

  14. Yay for surprise packages! I love getting mail :)

  15. I love getting fun mail too! And those slushies do sound good, send me one.

    The perm looks great! I've only ever had one in my life but it fried my hair completely and I looked like Don King.

  16. I like the short cut on you. It looks fun & flirty :)

    My hair is super curly. ALthough it isn't the ideal curl so I have tried the perm thing to make it a better curl... didn't ever really help. Stupid hair!

    Mmmm Margarita slushies. Can I come hang out with you???

    AWESOME FUN mail. Good mail is always such a nice suprise! :)


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