Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wednesday Hodgepodge


 Time once again for the Wednesday Hodgepodge.  I like doing these question/answer time things.  They make me think about different stuff. 

1. What is the most interesting thing you've done in the last year?  Interesting?  Hmmm...Probably learn how to drive a four wheeler.  Over the Fourth of July we went to visit friends and They tour the mountains on four wheelers.  It was fun and a great way to see the mountains.

2. What is your most meaningful family heirloom?  Probably the picture ans mementos I ahve of my father.  He committed suicide when I was three months old, so I never knew him.  All I have are pictures and things my mom and aunt (his sister) were able to tell me.

3. What food festival would you most like to attend? If you're not sure click here to see a list of possibilities.  I'd like to attend any foreign food festival to experience food from other places.  Where I live we have a very limited exposure to ethnic foods.  Chinese, Mexican, and Thai about cover our options.

4. you love it or is it considered a four letter word where you live?  I like the snow.  If it is going to be freezing cold, I at least want the ground to be white.  It's way easier to take the cold when the ground is white than dead brown.  Then too, we like to cross country ski and you can't do that without snow.

5. Can you ski? Do you ski? Are you any good?  Cross country only.  I tried downhill when I was a teenager and it did not go well.  No broken bones but I never really got the technique.  Cross country is cheaper to do anyway.  All you need is the equipment and a trail system.  No lift pass or anything like that.  It's nice.

6. What quality in your spouse or best friend are you most thankful for?  Nick is very supportive and proud of what I do--both raising the boys and with work.  It's great to have that backing me.  The fact that he can cook is awesome too.

7. Describe the coziest spot in your home.  We have a family room in the basement that has a sectional and the flat screen TV.  It also has a wood stove.  It can be very cozy for an evening.  I don't really like to spend all day there, I get just a bit of cave feeling--I like to see out the windows, but for an evening watching movies, it's great.

8. Insert your own random thought here.  Our family is once again all together.  Turbo got back last night from New York.  He had a fabulous time and got home without a hitch.  He's still our crazy kid.  He's just a bit better traveled now.

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  1. Glad Turbo is home safe and sound! Now the holiday season can really begin, huh?

    I never got the down hill skiing thing, either. Not coordinated enough for it, I guess.

  2. Our basement in our home in Maryland had regular windows which I loved. This basement is much more dungeon like : ) We only use it for storage right now...maybe one day we'll finish it off somehow. We have a lot of other projects I'd like to do first.

    I'd like to try the four wheeling I think.

  3. Very cool for Turbo! I've never been to New York myself. Liked your hodgepodge!

  4. The basement in our previous house had a family room but regular basement windows ... so I know what you mean by cave-like, especially during the day when daylight would sure be nice. This house has regular, full-sized windows (in what is called a look-out basement), but we haven't finished anything in the basement ... and don't intend to, although the thought of a sewing room does cross my mind from time to time. ;-)

  5. Cross country skiing does seem like it would be good exercise. My mom always says the same thing about it being cold and the snow. Thanks for sharing!

  6. So glad Turbo is home safe! Isn't it fun missing your kiddo for a bit, it makes you love them even more :)
    I've never cross country skiied, I've tried downhill skiing, I am pigeon toed so I felt like I was crossing my skis all the time. I used to snowboard. I loved that! Although, I haven't gone since having kids.


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