Tuesday, December 21, 2010

RTT: Christmas is just too close.

 Random it up people.
Keely is hosting, go check out the other random cause it's Tuesday you know.
  • Our weather has been a bit nutty.  Last week we were warm(for us--40's people, not normal) then the temps hit the basement--like single digits.  I'm lucky no one is sick in our house--knock on wood.  And this morning we got up to snow.  Like seven inches of the stuff.  Hah--the weather said 1-3 inches, but what do they know?  It's still snowing but we only have a 60% chance for another 1-3 inches today.  I think they need a window at the weather station.
  • Are you ready for Christmas?  I think I'm ready.  But then I remember I have Santa cookies to make, a gift for my mom to get still and there are only three and half more days to shop and bake.  Shoot me now.  At least Nick is in town.  His trip got canceled postponed until January.  Crazy weather again.
  • Turbo is looking forward to watching Santa's progress on Christmas eve on the NORAD Santa Tracker site.  It gets cooler every year.
  • And Nick's mom put us onto this site--Portable North Pole or PNP.  You can set up a free video for your kids from Santa.  Turbo thought it was pretty cool that Santa knew what he was for Halloween and that he skied too.  Go check it out, it is pretty neat.
  • Now I just have to figure out what cookies we are making for Santa and if I have all the ingredients.  Chocolate chip may be in order, they're Santa's favorite, I know.
  • Bruiser has been exercising his use of the word NO!  Even when he means yes.  Anyone want an almost two year old--he comes with toys? (I can be reasonably sure no one will take me up on this one--Nick has been offering Turbo for the same deal for years and no one has bitten yet.)
  • ANd in more weather realted news--I biffed it in slow motion this morning.  It's what comes from ice under snow.  I'm sure I looked totally graceful as my butt hit the ground.
Now go see Keely, She'd like cookies. So if you have some to spare, share and check out the other random on this Tuesday before the madness that is Christmas.


    1. i didnt know about that santa tracker thing bailey will lvoe that! Ugh snow.. you can keep it.. we never get it but I hate the stuff.. probably because its wet & muddy if we get it here not pretty at all lol! Have amerry christmas

    2. Santa's going to have a hard time finding us this year, so we sent him a letter and directions to Sprite's Nana's house so he could leave the good stuff there. :-)

    3. I'd take him but you know with one thing or another it's just not going to work. Maybe, next year or when he's twenty. :-)

      Have a Merry Christmas.

    4. I was just talking about the Santa Tracker yesterday. I have to go visit my family in Upstate NY on Sunday. They had 60 degree temps a few weeks ago then a massive storm that dropped 8 feet of snow and the temps are below zero!

    5. Oh my kids love the Norad watch. They have asked about it a couple of times each.

      Yea Sunday night we had a great amount of Weather and it was melted two days later. Our poor snow man was reduced to the size of a minnie cotton tale.

    6. Santa is not going to like our gluten free cookies.
      Hope your booty is ok from your fall.
      Norad is pretty cool - thanks!

    7. I love the NORAD thing too. But I didn't know about the other thing. I'll check it out. But I'm afraid maybe last year was our last one with Santa. My youngest keeps telling me he's not real. So sad. I wish we all still believed!

    8. Hmmm, what kind of toys does he come with? Heehee. Sounds like you have a busy week ahead of you!

    9. The weatherman really does need a window! He can never get the weather right here either. I just hope he's wrong about the 2 feet of snow we're supposed to get by Christmas.

      I remember the terrible twos. Often I was tempted to leave my kids at that age on a corner with a sign that said, 'Will work for diapers.'

      Have a wonderful Christmas!


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