Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Hangover or Something like that

Christmas was good to us.  Really good.  Santa was even better to the boys.  Gotta love a good Santa.
Bruiser got a lot of really good toys.  And he was all about opening presents.  As long as there was a bit of paper for him to grab.  He got a stuffed Scooby, a rocking horse and lots of little people toys.  He has played with all of them.  And he has worn his new hat and he kept it on--win for Mom and Dad.
Turbo, well he got a bit spoiled this year.  He got lots of K'nex, Legos, and a couple of video games.  He also got a toy Toothless with Hiccup fo Santa.  He has already put together all his new Legos and still has some K'nex to play with but we have a week for him to really get into those--Bruiser has to be otherwise occupied, he like Turbo's toys.
Nick and I did pretty well too.  Nick got me a very pretty cat necklace that sort of commemorates Tinkerbell, a couple of new cutting boards, a picture frame to fill with pictures for my office, a new comforter for the bed, and a small coffee pot for my office.  I was very happy with my Christmas.  Nick got a new wallet, a hunting knife, a Wii game,  new fleece vest, and a new coffee cup.  We also got a gift card to a great restaurant and babysitting to go with it so we can go out without the kids.  Score one for us!  Love the grandparents.
We had an unexpected bonus for Christmas--we had heavy fog and got a frosty white Christmas.  It was beautiful.
I have yet to get to downloading pictures.  I'll get some posted soon.  I'm lucky to get to posting anything.  Vacation is wonderful, but busy what with chasing two little boys around.  Hope everyone had a great Christmas.


  1. I need some grandparents like that, but that would require them to move closer..

  2. I'm glad you had such a lovely Christmas. Ours was delightful as well and I got everything I wanted.

    I hope your New Year's is just as wonderful.

  3. HAhaha! I had to read this post since the day after Christmas my FB status said: I think I have a Christmas Hangover. It really is, isn't it. LOL


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