Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday Confessions

Time to confess all, Glamazon style.
  • I am dreading the whole Christmas card thing. 
  • And procrastinating doing them.  New Year's cards anyone?
  • We're hoping to get a Christmas tree this weekend.  If the weather permits.  We will all troop to the mountians and cut one down.  It's a tradition.
  • Last year we had a pre-lit fake tree.  I felt like I was cheating.
  • I have discovered a new drink I like very much.  Coke and Vanilla Vodka.  Yum.
  • They could be dangerous.  
  • I have to do laundry this weekend.  Have I mentioned before how I hate laundry.
  • The alternative is too expensive though.  They have yet to create decent disposable clothes.
  • Therefore I must squeeze in laundry this weekend.  
  • THe towels will probably still be waiting on Monday--laughing at me from the basket.  
  • Shut up towels.
  • I'm looking forward to Christmas this year.
  • I get a week and a half off paid for winter break.  Working at a University has it's perks.
  • Of course that means lots of togetherness with the boys.  I may be really happy for the 3rd of January.
  • Actually there will be no may about it, I will be very happy on that day.
Well that about covers my confessions this week.  Go see Glamazon for more confessions.


  1. They do make new year's cards, though they are hard to find, and I've started sending them. I have more time after Christmas and I feel better about it than Christmas cards, for some reason.

  2. coke and vanilla vodka sounds AMAZING!

  3. Im getting a fake prelit tree this year and I dont even care if its cheating because its easy lol

  4. Coke and vanilla vodka sound delicious. Coke hurts my stomach terribly though.

  5. I've never done the fake prelit tree but with 3 little ones & a hubby who doesn't love getting a tree it would be so nice about now... at least I'd have one that way. Sigh. Hmmmm maybe I can talk hubby into a tree of any kind within the next week or so.
    I've got my Christmas cards ready to mail... now I just need to go buy a million stamps. That part sucks big time! I think New Years cards are a FANTASTIC idea... it will start everyones years with a smile. Definitely an option for ya!

  6. my piles of dirty clothes and towels laugh at me every day.


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