Friday, December 17, 2010

April to June 2010: When Lady Luck Frowns

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So the recap continues.
April brought us slightly warmer temperatures, then snow--lots of snow and then warmer weather again.  We had issues with Turbo's teeth, Moments of craziness with my mom, And I participated in my first swap with Shortmama.  My partner was Jen from My Crazy Life.  I got some great stuff and had a lot of fun picking out stuff for her.

May was a bit more settled in the weather department.  Bruiser hit 15 months and broke a family record.   I had a great Mother's day. Turbo had more dentist visits to deal with the teeth, Nick broke his ankle, and then Turbo had a Birthday.  Then over Memorial Day weekend, Saturday, to be exact, the water heater decided to become a waterfall.  Literally.  Water was coming out of the top of the silly thing.  Fabulous way to spend a Sunday.  Water heater shopping.  As an added bonus my back went out and hated me for the next few weeks. Great end to a less than stellar May.

June started with a lot warmer temps and a reminder that summer vacation is an awesome thing for a kid.  Then the refrigerator died.  And there was flooding in our little town.  Nick had a good Father's day and a pretty good birthday too.  The mosquitoes came in droves, Nick's truck had a electrical issue that got resolved and June sailed along without to much more drama.

There you have it.  the second quarter of 2010.  See I told you it was not nice to us.  Teeth, foreheads, ankles and backs, water heaters, refrigerators and trucks.  The bad luck just had a ball with us.  Thankfully the rest of the year was better.  We'll get into that next time.


  1. Yuck! Not a fun quarter! Hope you didn't have any more freak floodings... indoors OR out! :)

  2. Wow that is not fun at all :(. Hope the next quarter was better for you.

    Thanks for playing along.

  3. wow.. not fun at all!! I hope the rest of the year was better!

  4. Why is it that everything always breaks at once???

  5. You had a rough few months for sure!

  6. Sometimes a string of bad luck hits and all you can do is wait for it to play itself out. Sounds like you had more than your fair share of it.

  7. Hopefully the next three months will be better!

  8. Holy cow. Our sons could be cut from the same cloth. My son broke his nose at 18 months. Yeah that was fun. He also has chipped his tooth and sprayed perfume in his eyes more than once!

    Well I hope for your sake that the next portion of the year was better.


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