Monday, December 20, 2010

Quiet Weekend--Calm Before the Storm.

Well, last weekend was a bit dull.  Which is a good thing since next weekend will be beyond busy and activity filled.  I think the majority of the shopping is done--except for my mom.  Still not sure what to get her exactly.  The thing she asked for is really hard to find here in our small town and I'm not even sure where to find it online.  So I will keep thinking about that one.   And we get to go to the chocolate shop Christmas eve day and get the candy we need for the stockings.  And for me.
I got to go to a grown up Christmas party for my work.  It was a great party and I had a better time than I expected.  I got to wear my new red heels and I looked pretty good.  Nick cleaned up well and we got an evening out without the kiddos.  Good food too.
I baked this weekend, but not to much, just a couple of loaves of pumpkin spice bread.  Tonight we will be making rice crispy treats again.  Nick is going out of town for field work Tuesday through Thursday, so I'm sending some goodies with him.  He gets to go stay in a condo and snowmobile to the sample sight.  Poor guy, tough to have those work requirements.  He's gonna freeze his butt off, but he'll have fun doing it.
And now for some cute little boys:
A rare moment of stillness from Turbo.

I like chocolate cookies!  Can you tell?

Mom and the boys.


  1. awww they are so cute :)
    Hope yall have a Merry Christmas!

  2. Busy busy but fun too. Enjoy and happy Holidays!

  3. We had a nice lazy weekend too...but it will be anything but lazy this coming weekend!

  4. That little one looks like he really likes cookies. How cute. Have a very happy holiday.


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