Monday, December 6, 2010

What a Weekend

So we had an interesting weekend.
First, Nick and I can be known as certifiably nuts.  We signed up for a four-wheeler safety course.  In December, in Wyoming.  The temperature outside was a balmy 24 degrees when we arrived at the course location.  Even with multiple layers, I was frozen before we even got on the machines.  Then we went in circles, a lot.  But I learned some useful tips and was able to do everything to pass, so both Nick and I are certified safe riders of four wheelers.  We have a card to prove it.
It took about three or four hours to really feel warm after we finished 5 hours in the cold.  Then we went home and made a fire in the wood stove and snuggled in the basement and hung out with the boys.  A lazy end to a busy day.
Sunday we were going to go to the mountains and get a tree.  But the weather kept us in town, so we went with a tree from Nick's folks.  The kind that is prelit and you put together out of the box.  Somehow I feel we are cheating, but I didn't want to wait until next weekend to get a tree.  It is standing, lit but not decorated in out living room.  Tonight we will decorate. 
Last night we watched some christmas movies to get more in the spirit.  We watched Rudolph and The Santa Clause.  Both good movies.  I need to get out the kid movies we have for Turbo and Bruiser--although Bruiser is not that interested yet.  Turbo requested The Santa Clause.  He loves Christmas movies and would watch them all year if he could.  Nick just thinks it's odd the watch Christmas movies in April.  So I put them away and haul them out for the Christmas season. 
Next weekend we are going Christmas shopping for the boys with friends.  It should be a good time.  Now I just have to get Turbo to write his Christmas list for Santa.  I have stuff for him, but I need to know what he wants so Santa can bring him at least some of what he wants.
Yesterday at Walmart they had an area set up for pictures with Santa.  Turbo wanted to do it but neither boy was dressed for a trip to Santa's lap.  Sweats do not make for a good picture.  Maybe next time.
Well that was our weekend--how was your's?


  1. Sounds like you had a heck of a weekend. Don't worry about the fake tree, we have used one for years. It's just easier for us. We did the WalMart picture thing ourselves and both of my kids did really well. I'll have a picture up on my blog later, it's really cool.

  2. Your weekend was busy!!! I have a fake tree with lights in it and I am never going back.

    So cool you did the 4-wheelin'!

  3. I always go real, but with a hubby who doesn't really get into the holiday spirit I would take a fake one (although, I would request it be a REALLY nice fake one) would do. That way I could put it up any darn time I wanted! :)

  4. Anytime I come across a Santa at Wal-mart, Home Depot, etc...I ask the kids, do you think he is real? If they do, then I ask them if they want to talk with him. We saw one at the mall, but MJ refused to talk with him because she didn't have her letter. (I almost blew the whole Santa secret too - whole other story.)


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