Friday, December 10, 2010

2010 Recap--Jan-March

"It is your chance to write up some posts and recap what happened during the year. You can put your favorite pictures, tell your favorite stories, link back to your favorite posts, however you want to do it. Just in case you had some slow months, we will be reviewing three months at a time."   
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Last year, lots happened in January.  Turbo lost a tooth, Bruiser walked, and learned to sleep better at night.  Turbo worked on being less affectionate--we are still working on this one--and struggled in school a bit--teacher issues.  We cross country skied lots and had a couple of great crashes--both Turbo and I.
But the big news for January was Bruiser turned one

It was cold and icy here in our neck of the woods.  Nick and I celebrated our seventeenth unofficial anniversary.  Bruiser decided that sleeping was for the birds and not him--again.  And both boys grew and grew. February was consumed with watching the winter Olympics, some skiing of our own, and the underwhelming Superbowl.  We had some craziness from the neighbors and from family but made it out OK.

March was quiet for us.  We had spring break, some sickness and a time change.  All of which made getting through the day just a bit harder.  I also got a button, you can still see it on my sidebar--over to the left, I think it's awesome still.

Looking back on the first part of last year, it was relatively uneventful.  Actually life was just lulling us with a sense of peace because the next three months were much less kind to us.  But that's for next week's post.


  1. A first birthday, crazy neighbors, and sometimes sleepless nights. Wow, if that is uneventful I can't wait to see next weeks post!

  2. When I can remember what we did at the beginning of the year, it's generally nothing.

  3. It was fun reading about your first part of the year. Cute pic of your little boy! I think Jan-Mar is pretty low key for everybody...trying to recoup from the holidays!

  4. Holy cliff hanger!! Excited for next week now. My oldest has also had issues with being too affectionate. Luckily it has gotten a lot better but he still has his moments.

    Thanks so much for playing along!

  5. That is totally the coolest cake picture ever. LMAO very cute

  6. yay! so glad you're doing the extravaganza!


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