Tuesday, December 7, 2010

RTT: Christmas Lists and Laundry

So it's Tuesday and according to Keely it's a yuleicious Tuesday.  One of only four this month.  How lucky are we?
Now for the random:
  • When a small boy does not watch a lot of kiddie television, he has fewer things to ask Santa for.  Last night Turbo and I sat down to talk about what he wanted from Santa.  Mostly Legos.  Of one sort or another.  Turbo really didn't have a lot of wants.  The list may grow but since Santa is shopping this weekend he may not get more than what is on the list now.
  • Still having trouble coming up with Christmas present ideas for Bruiser.  A rocking horse, a Magna Doodle, and well, maybe something in the toddler aisle at Toys R Us will jump up and say take me home to Bruiser, cause otherwise, I got no ideas.
  • The tree is decorated.  Doesn't look too bad--pictures on Thursday.  
  • Now I just have to get motivated to decorate in the rest of the house.  And possibly lights outside.  But I'm not holding my breath.  We leave most of that kind of decorating to Grandpa.
  • And the laundry got done--all except the towels.  I'm calling it done.  All the clothes are even folded and put away--well there are a few pants for Turbo left in a basket, but they're easy to put away.  So I'm saying the laundry did not win.  Shut up towels.
  • We are going shopping this weekend.  Mostly for the boys, but if Nick decides to shop for me, I won't get nosy, promise.
  • So does anyone else wake up out of a sound sleep and remember to do stuff that has to be done--like pay bills, do certain errands, or make appointments?  Cause I woke up at 5:45 am and remembered that the bills needed to go out this morning.  So I got up and wrote out the checks--yes I'm still sending snail mail checks--and got the bills ready to send.  What a way to start the morning.
  • Bruiser is talking more and he is really trying to say what we say--mostly.  He doesn't say g sounds or k sounds in the middle of words.  Eggo comes out sounding like ehh-ohh.  I am reminded of the hip hop song that had eh-oh as part of the chorus when ever Bruiser asks for an eggo.   Makes me smile.
Well that covers the random around here.  Go see Keely to link up your own random--go on, she doesn't bite I promise.


  1. We're putting off outside decorating too; it's just too cold to even bother!

  2. Have you seen "Singamajigs"? I got two for little o. Every time we're in Toys R Us, LG grabs one and makes it sing for his brother. Then they spend the whole trip cracking up. Or how about some of those cars from the Cars movie (like Matchbox, only bigger). I'll stop now. Little o will get some fun stuff for Christmas this year.

  3. I can't wait to shop for my niece - she is just over a year old and that is a fun age to shop for. :)

    Great random post. I am hopping through the entire list from Keely's page. :)

  4. You are ahead of me on the whole shopping thing. A least you kind of know what you want to get! And now, I will be singing Taio Cruz's Dynamite the rest of the day. Thanks! ;)

  5. I am having a hard time deciding what to get my girls too. Not sure if it is because they already have too much or just because nothing is jumping out at me. Either way I guess its good cuz we don't have a whole lot to spend anyways.

  6. My daughter watches too many commercials and so wants everything she sees so it is hard to know what to really get her.

    I can't believe how quickly Christmas is coming up! I really need to get my shopping done

  7. I too wake up from a sound sleep and remember to do things. I thought I was the only one! OH, and eggos are awesome!

  8. Things have to be critical to wake me from a sound sleep. I am known to sleep through fire alarms!


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