Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Random Tuesday--a bit late

Tuesday, wow almost missed it.  Vacations will do that to you.
Random time though.  So here are a few of our random happenings.

  • Bruiser has decided that talking is a good thing.  We are getting more understandable words from him.  Makes figuring out what he wants much easier.
  • there are days I really wish I could bottle Turbo's energy.  I'd make millions.
  • insomnia sucks.  Waking up when you are supposed to be asleep is no fun.  If I have this problem now, menopause is going to kick my butt.
  • My back hates me again.
  • Nick has been overachieving again.  He is growing extra bone in his heels.  The left one has a spur about 3/8 of an inch long.  He has been hobbling around like he is 80 the last couple of days.  I tell you we are quite the pair.
Ok that's about it for the Random this week.  Go see Keely for more.

1 comment:

Sprite's Keeper said...

Some good from it: with your back being out of whack, you can see before Nick does if the spur is getting worse. :-)
My back has been giving me problems for years too. Stupid tailbone.
Feel better, Vandy!


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