Tuesday, December 14, 2010

RTT:December's Slipping Away.

    Time to throw out all those thoughts that flutter randomly around in your head all week. This will leave room for more random thoughts for next week.  Anyway, grab the button (it's all pretty and purple up there) and go link with Keely.
    • The wind has been trying to blow us away here in good old Wyoming.  Gusts as high as 40 MPH and chilly too.  We also have ice, lots of ice.  I don't like either the wind or the ice.
    • Wow, it's the middle of December.  I'm not ready.  OK, I'm mostly ready for Christmas, but not ready for 2010 to be over yet--where has the time gone?  I really have been blinking to much lately.  I'm missing whole chunks of time--it just goes by so fast, and yet so abysmally slowly too.
    • We had a meeting with Turbo's school yesterday.  His reading abilities are lower than the benchmarks for second grade.  He is improving, so that's good news.  It helps that he likes his teacher this year, much better than last year's teacher.  He's growing up too.  Now if we can just improve the reading some more and get him to stay on task and not daydream.  The kid can space out in a heart beat.  We are working on it.  Is it a good thing when the teacher and the principal know your son as a social butterfly?
    • I need to figure out what I'm baking for Santa Claus to have Christmas Eve.  And Turbo volunteered to take Rice Crispy treats to school on Thursday.  Good thing Nick knows how to make them, cause I don't do so good with them.
    • Sunday evening Nick was siting on the couch and being a guy, he farted.  Bruiser was walking by and heard it.  He immediately made a raspberry sound very similar to the fart.  They really are parrots at that age.
    That covers the random for me.  Check back next week for more. Next week should be filled with Christmas craziness.


      1. Uh my little one makes the raspberry noise too. And why do they find it so funny. I just find it annoying! :)

      2. I love the fart noise for a fart noise. Call it male bonding.

        Happy RTT

      3. I wonder if it's a boy thing to space out. My 3 year old seems the same way. They tell me he's one of the smartest but if he doesn't want to do something, he just won't. He won't focus. Very frustrating.

      4. Sprite volunteered for us to make cookies for her class. I said we would but then asked the teacher to not enter into any more verbal agreements with a four year old.

      5. Im ready for Christmas yet ready for it to be over too?!

      6. I was just saying to my staff that I'm not ready for 2010 to be over. I'm still writing 2009 on papers.

      7. We have the kids read at least 10 minutes a day - it helps when they can pick the book they want to read from the library.
        Farting is just a normal boy/guy thing. Bubba toots every time he laughs.


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