Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Random Thoughts-It's the End of November, Really?!


Time to Random it up.  And let the thoughts flow.
  • Turbo is back this afternoon.   He has had a wonderful time.  He got to see just about everything a little boy would want to see--the American Museum of Natural History, the Statue of Liberty, the balloons being filled for the parade, Rockefeller center, and the New York library.  He will love going back when he is older to see his uncles and seeing more.  I do think he is ready to come home.
  • We rearranged Turbo's room.  New shelves, more space to play, got rid of all the mctoys that accumulate, I think Turbo will like it.
  • I need to get egg nog or Christmas Milk as it is known here.  It's that time.
  • This weekend Nick and I are going to a Four Wheeler safety class.  We are going to freeze our butts off. Layers, lots and lots of layers, a la "I can't put my arms down" layers.  I think it's the only way to keep warm.
  • Ten points for the person who can ID the movie referenced above.
  • Bruiser has had a language explosion recently.  He parrots words back to us and is getting better at letting us know what he wants--using words instead of baby swahili.  Makes things much easier.  However we have to watch our language now.  The other evening Nick let slip a little s-word and sure enough Bruiser piped up with something that sounded similar.  Of course he could have been saying sit, but I don't think so.
  • We are headed up after a Christmas tree this Sunday, weather permitting.  If the weather doesn't permit, we might go fake again.  I don't want to but if we can't get a tree this weekend it won't happen until the following Sunday and I can't go that long without at least getting a tree up, even if we go fake again.
OK, that covers my random this week.  Go link with Keely and random it up.


  1. "A Christmas Story," of course!

    I love "baby swahili." Our Roo (19 months) is in parrot mode as well. So far, I've been lucky not to drop any bombs. My days are numbered.

    Happy RTT

  2. Christmas Story! Didn't even have to think about it!

    I bet Turbo will love his room. It's awesome that you could get it all done while he was gone. he won't even notice anything missing....hopefully!

    Good luck with the tree!

  3. I bought eggnog last week, and put the tree up yesterday...so I'm all in the Christmas spirit which is great because I didn't get there until about a week beofre Christmas last year. You need lots of layers on fiyrwheelers, it gets cold...but you also need to be able to use your arms to steer or hang on if you're on the back!

  4. I really love real trees but we went fake about three years ago and man, it's so much easier!

  5. "A Christmas Story!!!" Love that movie. New shelves, nice, we need a lot of those here. We got our tree up night before last just finishing the rest of the house...

  6. We call baby swahili - toddler-ese.
    Shelves would do wonders in our apartment or a bigger house. We have to declutter MJ's space every few months because she is such a pack rat. She's ok with it since I've done it so often, I just wish she would throw things away.

  7. Mmmm Eggnog YUM! Fun thing to call it Christmas Milk, I may have to steal that!
    Hope Turbo's flight home went well!
    Yay for Christmas trees... I wanna get mine this weekend too. Hubby is kind of a grinch so we'll see :)


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