Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts


Time for Random Tuesday Thoughts.  So here we go--Random:
  • We survived Halloween.  Turbo made out like a bandit and then traded what he couldn't eat for a Scooby Doo video game.  He has spacers and sticky foods don't do well with them.  He is thrilled with his game and had a great time taking candy from strangers Sunday night.
  • We had our usual dozen or so beggars at our door and Bruiser helped to give out candy--next year he is going to have to be in on the getting part--'cause there is candy, man!  He kind of got the hint. 
  • Turbo got a good grade from the dentist-so score one for Turbo.
  • I cannot find comfortable socks.  They just get too tight around my ankles, or they get so loose they are not comfortable.  Socks suck.
  • Soap makes me itch--on my legs where I use it to shave my legs.   Avon was making a bar soap that I could use, but they stopped.  Now I have to find one that works and doesn't take a great amount of effort to get my hands on.  No easy task here in the back of beyond.  Any suggestions would be appreciated. 
  •  I am surprisingly close to my blogoversary, uh blogaversary, umm, OK it's been almost a year I have been sharing my little crazy corner of the world with the rest of you.  Thursday will be the day actually. 
  • And the crazy weather ups and downs have started here, which means that migraine season has started for me.  Yes, dramatic drops in barometric pressure cause migraine for me--some fun.  Hormones play a part too--didn't you just want to know that?  Anyway this is the time of year when I watch the weather and hope that I don't get a head exploding migraine.  I've had one so far this fall.  At least mine are survivable with Aleve.
Well that about covers my random for this week.  Go see Keely--she's baaack!


    1. I would gladly trade my leftover candy for a Scooby-Doo video game, too.

    2. I use mens shave gel because soap and womens products give me razor burn.

    3. When my son was around 9-10, we used to bribe him with video games at Halloween, instead of trick or treating. Yes, you could call it lazy on my part...

    4. smart kid! a video game will last longer

    5. Yay, happy almost blog anniversary!!

      LOL, I have to have comfy socks or no socks. LOL.. It will make me crazy.

    6. If you like the soap feel but want a shaving cream - Skintimate Moisturizing Creme Shave. If you sign up with them, they will send you a free sample and a coupon for a free bottle.
      Hope the migraines stay away. Yay for Turbo's teeth!

    7. We survived Halloween too, and no throwing up this year! Booyah! My Midget wasn't giving up any of her candy though. LOL

      Have you tried Black Label Socks? They are kinda spendy, but I love them. They are my fave socks.

      I can't help you with the soap issue. I buy Dove body wash and it helps with the dry skin, but doesn't eradicate it. You could try rubbing sesame oil on your skin after a shower, I used to do that, back when I had the patience, and that helped a lot. Neutrogena makes a sweet sesame oil.

      Congrats on the upcoming blogaversary!

    8. Congrats on the blogaversary! Sorry you are having sock and soap issues. I use Dove Sensitive, they sell it everywhere.

    9. Happy Blogaversay. I had mine back in September but totally spaced posting about it.
      If you are not wanting to give up on that Avon bar soap go to Ebay & type it in... I saw a TON on there! It could buy you some time anyways... :)


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