Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts.


Thanksgiving might be just around the corner, but there is still time for random thoughts with Keely.  Grab the button and link up.
  • Bruiser has been talking more.  He will say thank you and it is so stinking cute.  Makes doing anything for him much more fun.
  • We have had the craziest weather.  One moments sunny and thawing, the next we can barely see across the street for the snow.  And wind, well we won't talk about the wind.
  • And attention turns to the shopping after Thanksgiving.  I'm braving the crowds with a friend, but we refuse to go super early--we are leaving about 5:00am.  And we have at least an hour drive to the good stores.  So none of the 3:00am at the store stuff.  That's just ridiculous.
  • Turbo is headed to the American Museum of Natural History today.  I was a little jealous about the pizza he's eating--love New York Pizza--but now I'm really jealous about the museum.  I was in New York when I was twelve and I know he's going to love the museum and planetarium.  Wish I could be there with him.
  • I love the snow--but am much less fond of ice.  We have lots of ice.  Slippery stuff, ice.  I've almost bought it several times just walking from the car to work--a hike of about three blocks, parking at the university sucks--and I know the ice is not going to get better (at least until oh, you know, April, maybe May).
  • Bruiser is loving being the center of attention while Turbo is gone.  And he is loving playing with the phone-either the land line portable or our cell phones.  Thank goodness we can't dial out long distance on the land line, or I'm sure he would find a way to call Indonesia.
  • And once again the towels are mocking me.  I got just about everything else done for the laundry--except the sheets and they don't really count--but the towels.  I hate towels.
  • We have an escape artist cat.  Piper loves to go outside.  She escaped just the other day and was pretty pissed when she came back in.  She kept giving us dirty looks.  It's not my fault it snowed, cat.  It's called winter and it's not going away until March--probably April, maybe May.
  • Oh and I have a new mommy moment with Bruiser.  Thursday night last week I was giving him a bath and he stood up and was playing with the shower doors we have on the tub.  I was putting towels away and when I looked back at him he was holding something in his hand.  At first I thought it was a washcloth and did not want him to drip on the floor.  Than I realized that it was NOT a wash cloth.  He had pooped in the tub and was trying to hand it to me.  Fun.  What is it with the warm water=poop thing?
That about overs the random around here.  Go see Keely while she is still running this carnival.  Jen's hiatus just might be catching.


    1. Towels! The bane of my laundry life. And they always smell a tad musty because no one else in the house hangs wet towels to dry. They clump them up in mold incubating blobs.

      I love when the kids get around to the thank yous. It does make things more pleasant, indeed.

    2. I keep haring people talk about "black ice". Do you know what this is and how it occurs? We never get that stuff. The worst we get is some ice on windshields.

    3. Allstarme.. Black ice can either be rain/snow that has melted all day and then turned to ice just at the point of 0degrees Celcius. You don't see it because it's the same colour as the black road.

      Vandy, enjoy your TG weekend and Shopping. If you get there later then the crazy sales? I found it more enjoyable and seasonal.
      Also Thanks for the snow you sent up here. hehe
      AWESOME trip for Turbo, I'm jealous!

    4. I think that was about the age we taught the kids to go potty before they take a bath - EW on the poop!
      Not missing the ice and snow, hope you at least have a nice winter and not too cold.
      Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

    5. Laundry! It multiplies while in the basket. Kills me!

      I love when babies start to talk. It's sooo sweet and cute. It's later when they are teenagers, that I want them to shut up.
      At least Bruiser was trying to clean up and not mak a bigger mess!

    6. I'm still jealous of Turbo. Happy that he gets to see all the cool stuff but jealous cause I want to see it too. We will not to braving the crowds on Friday. Hope you get some good deals.

    7. It is ridiculous how early the stores are opening for Black Friday. I saw Kohls is 3 am. I thought that was the worst but then saw one store is opening 10pm on Thanksgiving and just staying open. It is INSANE!!

      Happy Turkey Day!

    8. an hour drive to good stores?? wow... and the towels.... I literally HATE the towels in my house.. I think they multiply

    9. I hate any laundry. It is the bane of my existence. Good luck with the shopping!

    10. I love these posts from you, some week I'm going to link up. Have a happy Thanksgiving!!


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