Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts.

Time for Tuesday's brain dump.  Keely hosts this to do so let's get to it.
  • Last weekend Nick had control of the remote control and he stopped at Meet the Fockers.  Things were OK until the scene where the cat flushes the dog.  At that moment both boys lost their shit.  Turbo started crying and then Bruiser started getting upset.  I then decreed that that movie was off limits until both boys were, Oh I don't know, 25.  Not really my movie of choice.
  • Got to go shopping this weekend with a real live friend--not my mom.  It was awesome!  I got stuff for Turbo and Bruiser and Nick for Christmas.  And got out of town and away from the guys for an entire day. Really, I can't remember the last time I was away from all the boys.  You know, it was before Bruiser was born.  Hard to get away form a nursing boy.  I tell you the day was glorious.  I need to do that more.
  • I've mentioned that Turbo is going to New York for Thanksgiving but he leaves Saturday.  He's staying the night with Papa and Nana Friday night.  It gets more real every day.  I think he will be so busy he won't miss us, much.  I know I'll miss him, at least after the first couple of days. I hope he has a blast.
  • Bruiser is talking more every day.  And getting more understandable all the time.  It's fun to hear his progression.  What's not so fun is his recent rejection of bedtime.  He sleeps OK, but getting there, the kid fights it all the way.
  • I had a mole removed yesterday.  It was--not fun.  It still hurts and I got me lots of stitches out of it.  At least the mole won't catch on my bra any more--oh yeah the mole was at underwire level.  Some fun.
  • The Capitol Christmas Tree was cut in Wyoming and is touring the state before going on to Washington.  It is here this afternoon.  We are taking to boys to see it.  Turbo got to help make ornaments to decorate it(all the school kids in Wyoming made ornaments) so we want him to see it come through town, to get an idea of how big it really is. 
Capitol Christmas tree leaving the Tetons.
So that about covers the random here.  Go see Keely, she's got lots more random at her place.


  1. How cool to get to see the capitol tree.

    Glad you enjoyed you day off. Nursing kinda puts a kink in that for a while.

  2. I find that ginormous tree fascinating. Perhaps because I don't live anywhere near trees like that.

  3. How cool that Turbo got to help make ornaments for the tree!
    I'm looking forward to Black Friday since that's the one day I'm within a few miles of John and Sprite all day and I don't have to do anything after shopping but sleep. It rocks. :-)

  4. Boo for a mole removed and stiches but yay for shopping with a friend! That sounds lovely!

  5. How cool is that? An ornament on the capital tree?

    Meet the Fockers was funny, but maybe not age appropriate for the boys.

  6. A day off. With shopping?! That's lovely indeed. if it weren't for the mole stitches, I'd say a perfect day.

  7. It's so nice to get away from the boys but never realize how nice it is or how much you miss it until you finally get to do it again! I'm glad it was fun!

  8. I have a mole that I was supposed to have removed but I chickened out. Something about having bits of my flesh cut off, I don't know.

  9. So glad you got away for the day. I can totally relate to the not ever leaving because you are a nursing mama thing. Good for you!!!

  10. Stitches - ouch, hope you heal soon!
    Huge tree, yay for Turbo's ornament.
    Shopping has always been one of my stress relievers, wonderful you had a chance to do it without the kiddoes.

  11. I had one removed and he said it'd be all nice and normal there and it's still brown like a freckle. I'm going back. My neighbor said "Oh, that things still there?" It was TINY. Now I'm all self-conscious about it again. That tool.


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