Monday, November 22, 2010

New York State of Mind

As I mentioned last week, Turbo is in New York City for Thanksgiving.  His grandparents took him out to see his uncle who lives in Brooklyn.
The trip there was an adventure all by itself.  They were delayed right away by fog in Denver.  The flight out of our little town was on a puddle jumper and turned out to be quite the roller coaster ride.  Poor Turbo threw up on the plane.  Papa almost threw up, it was that rough.
By the time they got to Denver they had missed their connecting flight to New York.  They got to wait about five hours to catch the 4:30 flight out.  So by the time they got to New York it was 8:30 our time and 10:30 out there.  But Turbo got to see the Statue of Liberty all lit up and the lights of Brooklyn too.  He thought that was really neat.
So after all that they made it to the big city.  Turbo has been to Coney Island and seen the aquarium and had pizza twice (which he really likes).  He is looking forward to doing more.
I miss him.  Things are quiet and we don't have to avoid random attack hugs.  I'm looking forward to his return.  And hopefully the return trip is less eventful than the departure trip.


  1. Glad he made it safely...eventually!

  2. I envy Turbo. I've never seen the Empire State Building all lit up in person. Sounds like he is having a good time despite the flight.

  3. It's hard when our Midgets go away. This is the first Thanksgiving that my youngest will be with her dad and I'm going to miss her.

  4. Ooo, I love NYC in winter! So jealous!

  5. Thank God they made it safe!!!!!!
    New York at this time of year is my favorite place

  6. Poot little guy, throwing up is never fun. How exciting for him to get to see all the lights of the big city. I'm sure that he will remember this trip for a long long time to come!


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