Thursday, November 11, 2010

Spin Cycle--Perfection

The topic this week is perfection.  The perfect day, figure, mate, or which ever way you want to go.

Perfect.  The word has lots of meanings.  My favorite way to use it is when things have gone perfectly wrong as in "Perfect, just perfect!" said with just the right amount of irony.
Nick and I have a saying--good enough for government work.  It means perfect is not necessary--doing enough to get by works sometimes.  There are things I could do better but I'm so not perfect (or motivated).  The perfect mom is, well, boring.  And I'm sure if I tried to be a perfect mom, Turbo would think I most definitely was not.
So, I'm content in my imperfection.  It makes me interesting and fun.  How boring would it be to read a blog about the perfect mom?  Endless discussion about what I was doing "right", how wonderful my kids were, how perfect my home, family and life was?  Not real scintillating reading.  It's the flaws and foibles that make for interesting reading. 
It's kind of like going down the highway--boring when nothing is going on but everyone stops, or at least slows down to look at the accident.  No one wants to hear about how well things are going(over and over again) but everyone like to hear about the funny embarrassing thing that your kid said at just the wrong time, or the crazy thing you did to keep from going nuts watching another episode of kiddie television.

Now I'll leave you with a view of a perfect day for Nick and I:
Just hanging outdoors.  With the family.  Works for us any time.

Now go be perfect readers and see Jen at Sprite's Keeper for more spins on perfection.

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  1. I agree with you that it's the flaws and foibles that make life interesting. Perfection is overrated.

  2. Amen, sister! I don't even know why perfection is a word considering it just doesn't exist!
    You're linked!

  3. Well said! I love that picture, so serene!

  4. Outdoors with the family...perfection to me too!

  5. Amen to that! And I love that you use the word 'perfect' the same way I do! ;)

    That picture? Totally perfect. :)

  6. I try not to use the word perfect, well it doesn't take much effort. So many things in life just aren't. But a lot of things are very special! Love it when my kids say and do stuff, just trying to be perfect and it all goes wrong - always comical.

  7. Perfection lies in your sanity and wisdom.

    1. Three guys in the house? THREE? I can barely keep up with one grown up boy and one boy cat.

    2. Any mother whose child dresses up as a farm animal or ancient warrior for Halloween is automatically awesome. Loved Hiccup and little duck!

  8. Well said. And that lake in your photo is close to perfection.

  9. Great picture.

    I like that: perfect is not necessary. Really why do we sweat it so much?


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