Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Random Tuesday

Time to throw out those random thoughts and let you make what you will of them.
  • Saturday evening we were watching TV and Nick and Turbo were  arguing discussing something and the discussion devolved to yes/no.  Turbo all of a sudden started saying ossoput, ossoput and Nick and I looked at each other and were like--What the ...?  Turbo stumbled over the word and kept saying ossoput.  Then I finally got what he was trying to say--opposite.  He meant that what Nick was saying--no--should be yes--opposite.  The kid could not get the right combination of syllables out.  I laughed for a good five minutes.  He is still having trouble with opposite (the word, not the meaning).
  • I went for a blood draw this morning.  Time for the annual check up.  I'm having some moles removed on Thursday.  Not the most fun, but they get in the way.
  • Turbo is going to New York for Thanksgiving.  He leaves on the 20th.  He's excited, but I think he's not really sure what it all entails.  The largest city he's been too was Tampa and we spent most of that trip on the beach in Clearwater.  New York is a whole different thing.  He'll have a blast, but I'm sure there will be a bit of missing mom and dad.  This will be the longest he's been away from us.  He's going with the grandparents and staying with his uncle, but still.  He'll be back on the 30th.
  • And the weather goes all to pot on us.
  • Bruiser keeps trying to talk to us.  He is getting more out, intelligibly.  But now he thinks two means more.  Kind of funny to hear twoooo when he wants more candy, another Scooby doo show, more snacks, etc.
  • The time change has kicked our butts.  I really wish they would just leave the time alone.
  • And we have snow.  3-5 inches expected today.  I think I'm ready.  It's wet and slippery out now.  Accidents are waiting to happen later.  Never fails when you mix college kids who have never seen snow and cars.  Let the slip-sliding begin.
And now go see Keely, ya scurvy lot.  She's got Zombie poetry and pirates.  You can't go wrong with that. 


    1. Oh gosh, I am totally not ready for snow, we need a couple of coats and boots.

      T love when kids amuse us with their words. I love when my son tries to say wienerschnitzel..

    2. I'm really glad I don't have to worry about snow all too often down here. Otherwise I would certianly be a slippage statistic.

    3. Snow can be pretty in theory but dangerous in practice. Bruiser is at such a cute age.

    4. I'm ttally jealous of your snow! I want some!

      I love the whole "Opposite" conversation. Too funny!! He was really putting thought into that one!

      Happy Tuesday!

    5. It's weird living in SC. I'm from NY so I'm pre-wired to know it should be cold but after 9 years i still get shocked that it's 70 out right now (...and hate me...)

    6. When Kat was Bruiser's age, it was "moi" for more. And I think snow, other than maybe dustings (which we got today) shouldn't happen until at least Thanksgiving.

    7. Ossoput... that is ADORABLE! I would have laughed forever too. Yay for Turbo, I hope he has a wonderful time with your family. I'm sure he will get nice & spoiled :)


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