Monday, November 3, 2014

November, Wow

This last weekend was busy, but relaxing.  Halloween started it off with a bang, tons of candy and good times. 
It all started Friday morning with Bruiser's Halloween parade.  He made the cutest Batman there:
Then Friday afternoon we carved pumpkins:
Next we stuffed something resembling dinner down them and then costumes and off to trick or treating with cousins and friends:

Over all Halloween was wonderful this year.  On Saturday Nick and I took a load to the dump--finally getting rid of the two dead dishwashers and the dead water heater and various other junk that has been cluttering up the driveway. Next it was off to the mountains for a load of fire wood.  We got to have a nice late lunch/early dinner at a restaurant/lodge on our way home. 
Sunday not much was accomplished.  I grocery shopped, got dinner in the crock pot and then we rearranged the living room some and then it was lazy mode for the rest of the day.  I did get out for a drink with a friend of mine, which was nice.  A little bit of girl time.
So I think we had a great weekend.  We did get to wake up to snow this morning though:
It is really coming down out there, but probably won't stick yet.  Now on to MMMM.  Songs of the 60s and 70s.  I was born in the seventies.  Not realy a music fan then, but I do ahve a few songs that I like that i have found since growing up.

Roberta Flack with Killing Me Softly:

ANd of course what Tribute to 70s songs can go without Cher. 
Cher with Gypsys, Tramps and Thieves:

And lastly America with A Horse With No Name:


  1. Love the America tune and haven't heard it in forever. Thanks for playing it.

  2. I love Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves! One of my favorite Cher songs.

  3. I haven't heard Gypsies Tramps And Thieves for years. All classics :-)

  4. I love Cher's earrings! hehehe I haven't heard her tune in a while. Roberta Flack well, that dinner music with candles & a horse with no name oh wow we're talking years.... LOL Time sure flies when you're having fun! Thanks for joining us.

  5. Huge cher fan and love this song. Looks like you had a fun Halloween.

  6. October went like the wind. The kiddos looked cute.

    Your music picks are awesome and I have not heard for a long time. Roberta Flack's song tends to get stuck in your brain.

  7. I listened to Cher's Gypsy's, Tramps, and Thieves over and over and over. I didn't like Killing me Softly at the time because it made me sad, but now, I love it. Great song, good beat. I was born mid-60's.

  8. Glad you enjoyed halloween with your family. What a fun batman costume.

    Thanks for rocking!


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