Friday, November 21, 2014

Friday 5--Busy, Busy, Busy

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  1. Where exactly has November gone? I think I blinked and it practically Thanksgiving.  That's it, no more blinking or I'll miss Christmas. Our thanksgiving prep starts this weekend with the baking of tons of cinnamon rolls. Looking forward to the fun and goodtimes.
  2. Turbo has taken to the skiing and really enjoys it.  Today, since the snow is a bit scarce here still, they will be doing yoga for practice.  He's looking forward to trying yoga out.
  3. Bruiser finished up swim lessons for the year.  He is oh so very close to moving up a level--just a bit more practice on one maneuver and he will be moving up.  Next session he'll have it.
  4. Yesterday, Thullee decided that chewing up Bruiser's library book would be fun. We were far less impressed. We really don't want to put him back in the crate, so I guess he needs a bit more to do.  It's hard when it's cold though.  The dog has no thick fur and he gets cold fast. We aren't putting him in a coat for bathroom trips outside, so he just doesn't stay out long.  I think he's gets bored.  We are going to have to figure out something before we get a Christmas tree.  We can't have the dog eating the tree again.
  5. I really am glad that this weekend is my laundry weekend.  Makes next weekend, when we have friends in town, a free weekend.  However, I really need to be all domestic and clean not only the laundry, but the bathrooms, and vacuum, and all that jazz.  It really is too bad that housework is never ending.
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Yeah, not my photos, but good for a laugh!  Have a great Thanksgiving!

Emmy Mom


  1. LOL @ the flamingo joke. Good one. And yes, November went waaay too quickly!

  2. Love those pictures, too funny. You are right though I cannot believe this month is almost over. Christmas really does try and come too soon, though I must admit I am actually really excited to decorate for Christmas.. well not the process but to have it all up. Hopefully you get some more snow so Turbo can ski more.
    Thanks for linking up!


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