Friday, November 14, 2014

Friday 5

Yep, Yep it's Friday! 

5 Thoughts:
  1. Our weekend is looking snowy and cold. But maybe not as cold as the last couple days were.  Those -15 F temps are little hard to deal with this early in the season.  And yes I said early in the season, cause it's winter here no matter what the calendar says.
  2. I'm thinking that comfort foods are on deck for this next week--chicken and dumplings, stew, and meatloaf.  Although the boys are clamoring for fried rice and Nick desperately wants a stir fry. Dinners are never boring around our house.
  3. Bruiser had his first school program last night.  It was adorable.  He was so proud and sang so well.  Even if it was cold out the turnout for the program was impressive. Also impressive, the music teacher didn't try force holiday songs on us.  The program was based on puppies.  There were some very cute kids dressed as dogs.
  4. On our way home from said program, I saw Christmas lights in a window. Ugh, rushing the season some there.
  5. Two weeks to Thanksgiving. Where is November going?  I get this weekend and then it's Thanksgiving prep with friends and on to the holiday. I'm looking forward to it, but at the same time, I wish it would all just slow down some.
5 Pictures:
Today I raided Nick's phone for pictures:
Bruiser's program.

Date Night bacon wrapped scallops.

One of our fabulous sunsets.

Nick's goofy bunch

Still lovebirds after all this time.

Emmy Mom


  1. I loved my kids' school programs. It goes by so fast. BTW, I saw a yard all decked out for Christmas today. And the mall was crowded like Black Friday. It gets earlier every year.

  2. That sunset is stunning!! And oh my gosh, that is cold! I mean I grew up in Chicago, but seriously I am freezing in our 60's and windy days here in SoCal now.. such a wimp now. Love the picture with you and your husband. Anything with bacon is good!

    Thanks so much for linking up


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