Thursday, November 20, 2014

Spin Cycle--Thanks!

This week the Spin Cycle is a freebie.  So I wanted to take a moment and give thanks.  I've already done a thanks post for the people in my life so now I want to give thanks for some of the other things that I have.

I am thankful for my job.  I don't tend to talk about it much here, mostly to keep things separate.  I work in a sort of public place.  I am a research Scientist, geologist, and database specialist.  The work is interesting and varied. I really love the flexible hours we have and the leeway they give both Nick and I to take care of the kiddos.  Oh, yeah, did I mention Nick and I work at the same place?  Just another perk of the job.
I am thankful that currently all the appliances in our house are working as they should.  This year has been rough on us.  New stove, new dish washer, new water heater.  Everything else should continue to work, nothing is all that old in our house. So, again, thankful for working appliances.
I am thankful for the animals in our lives.  Thullee is a bundle of energy and always, always greet us at the door with abundant enthusiasm. That is the best way to come home.  It awesome to have someone so excited to see you.  Even if you were only gone 5 minutes, or six hours, he's still over the moon excited to see us.
Guinness is the old man of the house.  He's almost 14 and still chugging along.  He tolerates Thullee, loves going for rides in the truck, and still barks at people he deems to close to the house. He is a grand old dog and we love him.
And then there's Piper.  The princess.  My cat.  She is a cuddler and loves attention, but on her terms.  She is 16 and still going strong. She rules the house and the dogs get out of her way.  She can trap Thullee in the basement by sitting on the steps.  She is enjoying the new furniture we got for the living room--it has lots of good napping spots. She really is the princess of the house. I love having her insist on being loved and it's nice to have her next to me when I'm reading.
We have so much to be thankful for.  It is nice to stop and think about all we have instead of worrying about all we don't.  I hope everyone has a wonderful thanksgiving!


  1. I really like when people talk about the little things in their life, especially ones they don't often discuss on the blog. And I agree about the kind of work you do (and I do - at least, in the same realm); the flexible hours are great with kids.

  2. Such a great thankful post! I don't like to write too much about my teaching job, either. Some things shouldn't be blogged about!

    Have a happy Thanksgiving!

  3. What a great post! It's so important to remember to be thankful at this time of the year, especially when the holidays can bring us more stress than cheer sometimes. Okay, going off to count my blessings now! :)


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