Monday, November 17, 2014

Weekend Recharge and MMMM

So, those that are here for MMMM just head down and check out the music.  THat part of the post will follow the Brevity Challenge rules.  However, since I like to put a weekend recap with my MMMM, I'm not following the rules strictly.
Now for a quick recap of the weekend.  Friday night was laid back and relaxed for us after a long week.  We did have a meeting that ran long for work so it was late when we got home. Saturday was a run to the store in the snow, getting the stuff put away when we got home and then we tackled the attic.
We needed to get started on moving things around so we can finish it so Turbo can move up there this spring and then Bruiser gets Turbo's old room.  It's a pretty major shift going on but in the end I get a space that I will be able to scrap book in and Bruiser gets a room with a window. Turbo gets a room in the attic he can escape to as teens like to do and there will still be a play space in the attic for boys to hang out in.
Saturday night we took the boys out for dinner to a local place that makes burgers and wings.  The boys loved it and can't wait to go back.
Sunday was mostly a laze about the house day. I did make Pumpkin pie bread and that was the extent of my efforts.  Nick cleaned his garage. He feels pretty good about what he accomplished.
Today Turbo starts the Ski team.  They have their first practice tonight.  Probably not skiing, not quite enough snow just yet.  Turbo is excited, but a bit nervous, it is new for him.


Now for MMMM.
Carrie Underwood with Undo It:



  1. Oh my! Is Turbo growing up or what? Ski team? Go Turbo!

  2. One of my favorite songs by Carrie. She is one talented girl for sure.

  3. I actually have not heard this song by her. Love her stuff!

  4. There sure are some things in this world that I wish I could undo. Enjoyed your post.

  5. This is one of my favorites by Carrie. Thanks for sharing and your definitely ROCKED THE HOUSE!

  6. She's quite talented!

  7. Sounds like a combo weekend of lots of activity and some lazing around! Perfect! ;) I can't wait to see the before and after pics of the room shift. :)

    Carrie Underwood could sing the phone book and she'd sound amazing. And I would love her just as much. Nice choice! :)

    The Brevity Challenge: Take Your Time

  8. A little special for everyone to retreat to when that sounds good for everyone. Great to boogie with ya this morning. I really need the tunes to keep me movin' on this cold fall day. Brrr, I'm not ready for winter! Have a dancetastic week, Vandy!

  9. It's a good time to do the attic I think. Definitely will be cooler!

    Thanks for rocking :)

  10. yes! she can rock the house indeed!


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