Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Tuesday Random Thoughts

Yeah, so Tuesday. 
Veterans Day. 
And now on to the Randoms:
  • Nick and I split the vacuuming yesterday.  I did upstairs and he did the basement.  Even the stairs, which I hate vacuuming. So there is less dust bunnies and such floating around.
  • Found another spider in the bathroom this morning.  Stupid thing was trying to get a peep show.  It's now much flatter and residing in the garbage can. I didn't even scream.  Did do a couple full body shivers though.
What I felt like doing...
  •  It's very cold here.  It was 7 degrees this morning.  And snowing. Winter came and set up shop. I really wish that it wasn't quite so cold, but then it is that time of year.
  • Hard to believe that Thanksgiving is only two weeks away.  Ours is going to be a wonderful weekend this year. Weather permitting, of course.
  • Sleep has been elusive recently.  Once again.  It's kind of like this:

  • Somehow, having winter come has really made it seem much more a holiday season. Still not ready for Christmas yet, but totally ready for Thanksgiving.
Have a great week and random it up with Stacy.

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  1. I'm probably one of few, but boy do I envy your snow! Not your cold though... I can't believe how much I hate the cold as I get older.
    Christmas has landed here big time, especially for me. I get that you folks have to wait for Thanksgiving, but for me, once Remembrance Day has passed, it's time to get on the Christmas bandwagon!! I have 3 weeks to get ready for the Christmas House Tour now!!


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