Thursday, November 13, 2014

Spin Cycle--Forget Me Not

Tuesday was National Forget Me Not day.  A day to remember those we have lost touch with, perhaps try and reconnect with them. The Spin Cycle is asking if there is someone you have fond memories of and have been thinking of recently.  This one was a bit of a stumper for me. I have friends I have lost touch with and the reconnected with on the all mighty Facebook. I have other friends that have moved away (the downside to living in a college town) and just don't have a connection with. 
Really, in this day and age of hyper connectedness, it's harder to lose touch with people.  The Book of Face lets you have a peek into the lives of far flung friends daily. Honestly the one friends Nick and I think of most often is one from before the inter webs became the all encompassing thing they are now.
R was our neighbor across the hall in the first apartment building Nick and I lived in.  He was quirky, but fun.  A bit socially backwards and had the worst luck in women, but we all got along great and had some truly great times together. He moved to Alaska about 12 or 13 years ago and we lost touch with him as he then proceeded to move around the country with trips back to Alaska and out to Minnesota and such.
The last time we heard from R was about 3-4 years ago.  He contacted Nick via email and they corresponded for a bit.  He, at that time, thought he was moving to Denver but we haven't heard from him since. We aren't sure where he is right now. It would be good to see him again and find out what he has been up to.
He crosses my mind at odd times and almost always when we do an electrical project as he was an electrician.  One of those sparky people is always good to know. I really hope life has been good to him.


  1. Interesting thought to ponder... in this day in age of social media, it's so much easier to get connected with old friends. I have a few from my college days that I had lost touch with but now keep up with on Facebook. There's one in particular, a college friend (also had a crush on him) that I've lost along the way, though. He was one of the people I was closest with at school, but we lost touch after graduation. Re-connected again on Facebook when it first came out, but then he disappeared from it as well. I have no idea where he is or what he's up to anymore. I've toyed with emailing him - just to see if he even still has the same email address - but so much time has passed, I don't even know what I'd say.

  2. There are definitely some people that I think about that are probably not on Facebook...or if they are, they are impossible to find! I once dated a guy named Mike Meyer...that is a very common name!

  3. Nice post and a nice tribute to a long ago friend. Hope you get to reconnect one more time.


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