Monday, November 10, 2014

Cold Snowy Monday and MMMM

Yep, winter has arrived in our neck of the woods.  Snow off and on for most of the week and below zero temps at night and barely making out of single digits during the day. Lucky us.
It started snowing this morning.  Bruiser was excited, because he could wear his new snow boots to school.  Priorities of the young. I think I'm OK with the snow.  At least my allergies will decrease significantly. 
We had another busy weekend. We got leaves raked on Saturday morning.  Which caused a bit of friction from the tween in the house.  Turbo was less than pleased to be roped into helping.  Sparks flew between him and Nick and ultimately, Nick won and Turbo figured out the whole do a good job, do it quickly and things go easier on you. Dealing with a tween is going to kill us, or him...
Bruiser had a birthday party to go to at the local laser tag place.  He had a major blast.  Totally didn't want to go home, but I was done and needed to get home.  Once there I changed laundry and then crashed for an hour nap. Then it was time to shuttle the boys to Grandma's for an over night.  Once we had dropped them off, Nick and I got a date night.  Not that we went out to eat.  Oh, no we cooked bacon wrapped scallops and snow crab legs for our dinner and watched cheesy musicals snuggled on the couch.  It was awesome.
Sunday was a day of folding laundry, reading and being mostly lazy.  I didn't even vacuum.  That's on the agenda for tonight. I did get the heavy winter comforter on our bed and Turbo's down comforter on his bed.  With the temps headed our way, we're gonna need the extra warmth.

So all in all it was a great weekend.  Now for MMMM.  This week is a freebie week, but with veterans day tomorrow, let's do a patriotic song or two, shall we?

Toby Keith with American Soldier:

Trace Adkins with Arlington:

Tim McGraw with If You're Reading This:
Yeah, some tear inducing stuff this week, but there's nothing happy or exciting about war.  I do appreciate those who sacrifice all so I can live the life I have.


  1. I could see only #3 - a very impressive song and video.
    Greetings from Germany :-)

  2. Ahh yes I should have remembered tomorrow was Veterans day! Thanks for the awesome tributes!

    And it's cold here too, but no snow. Ow!

  3. A wonderful tribute to our Veterans my friend. Thank you for sharing such deep emotion. Amen.

  4. Yesterday and today we have lovely temps, but it's gonna turn cooler beginning tomorrow. Why, the Smoky's got nearly 2' of snow on the 1st and while it was cold in Knoxville we didn't get any white stuff. I'm not ready for winter, but it's coming! Stay warm! The teen years were more difficult with our daughters than with our son. Hopefully, your sons' teenage years won't kill you. lol Anytime I hear young parents talk about the terrible twos, I just think You haven't seen nothing yet! Little do they know toddlers are easy to control, it's when they get that attitude and form opinions that kicks you in the head. I love your Veteran's Day music tribute! Arlington is beautifully, touching song. I've heard it before and it was good to hear it again this morning. Our armed service men & women I count as part of my blessings each day. If it weren't for them, then none of us would be living in such a wonderful nation. God bless our Veterans past & present! It's fabulous to see you on the dance floor. Have a tunetastic week, Vandy!

  5. Cold? It's 60 degrees. Oh, wait. Wrong state. :) I am not ready for winter yet. Thanks to all Veterans! I don't know how you do it all...I think you are supermom!

  6. We finally got a cold snap here! It's 53 right now. It hasn't been that cold here since last winter. Your date night sounds heavenly! Delicious food... musicals. I can't get my husband to watch anything fun like that.

  7. Lovely choose songs, Greeting from Belgium


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