Thursday, February 28, 2013

Spin Cycle: Sometimes...

So the Spin Cycle this week is Sometimes... from a post by Arnebya at What Now and Why?
So here goes:
Sometimes I wonder what having a daughter would be like, but then I remember I hated growing up--being a girl can be no fun at times--middle school and high school--and I get over it.

Sometimes my hands get so cold that even putting them on my neck or sitting on them can't help them warm up.

Sometimes I really love my boys, other times I just wish we had gotten another dog.  Mostly I love them.

Sometimes I wish I was better at the style thing.  Looking a partial to total mess is not really a good look.

Sometimes I wonder what other people think about me, then I realize it doesn't really matter, but I think about it anyway.

Sometimes I think having wine is a good idea, a bottle later, not so much.

Sometimes I just have to ask why:

  • Why do my fingernails sometimes hurt?
  • Why does wine taste so good after a long day?
  • Why do burgers taste better in the mountains?
  • Why does my hair always look awful two weeks before a haircut, but right before it looks awesome?
  • Why does time slip by so fast for adults but so slowly for kids?
  • Why does 2 am want my company?
  • Why do little boys play so rough?
  • Why does Monday come so quickly, but Friday takes forever to get here?
  • Why do I get fabulous ideas for posts, but when I sit down at the computer my mind is blank?
  • Why do nose rings work on women, but not men?
  • Why does getting out of town make me feel better?
Sometimes it's good to ask the questions.
Sometimes there are no answers.
Sometimes they just lead to more questions.

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  1. Oooo, you just inspired next week's Spin Cycle - Why!

    You are linked!

  2. I love your WHYs. I feel that way too! I have got to get out of town and soon!

  3. Very good questions! I almost snorted my coffee over the nose ring one.

  4. This was so funny!
    Why can't I write posts like this? :)

  5. Great "sometimes" and great "whys"--this morning I was wondering why 4:30am wants my company. ;)

  6. Love the whys! Yes, I sometimes get totally lost in the whys!


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