Monday, February 11, 2013

Bleah--Can I Get a Do Over on the Weekend?

For a weekend this last one sure didn't seem like one.  A major case of the blahs hit our house. Mostly this weekend was a bust.
Friday started a bit early for us and we ducked out of work early.  We had a nice lunch with friends and then  I got new sunglasses.  I really needed them as my last good pair got stepped on before Christmas. We came home and I got a short nap before needed to go get Bruiser.
We didn't do anything else interesting Friday night. Well, there was this bottle of wine that mysteriously disappeared.

Saturday started out with a trip to the grocery store with my mom.  It was pleasant.  The kids got to spend time with Papa and Nana. Nick and I didn't really do anything while we were without kids except enjoy the quiet, question free time.
I got a hair cut.  I was supposed to get it cut Wednesday, but my hairdresser had a family emergency. So I went Saturday.
Before with hair pulled back and out of the way

After, with better shape around the face.

It started snowing while I was there.  We got about 3-4 inches out of this storm. Kinda disappointing, really.  I could have gone for much more.
Sunday dawned cold and snowy (but not nearly snowy enough).  Nick had a case of the blahs until about 1. He got some motivation, but really, I'm not sure how good that was for us.  Sunday was a weird day.  Too much beer and not enough time.
I feel like I skipped the weekend.  This Monday will be a long one anyway.  I have class that will keep me late at work.  Turbo has swimming. Yep, today will be busy and probably rushed.  Typical Monday.
A friend dropped off a cowboy hat for Bruiser this weekend.  He loves it.

How was your weekend?  Good, bad. Too snowy, not snowy enough?


  1. my weekend was good spent satuday in ER with son seems he hurt his tailbone not sure if broken and then sunday did yard work

  2. I hear ya; ours was uneventful and somewhat blah but I still enjoyed not doing anything.

  3. Well. I didn't have a disappearing wine trick which really sounds good about now. LOL. We went to Chicago and toured the Field Museum. Great fun!

  4. That sounds...kind of relaxing, actually. ;)
    Boo to not enough snow, though! Maybe you'll get more during the week. If not, just grab another bottle of Bored Housewife red! :D

  5. We had a lazy weekend also. We went to the RV show than I painted. I should have gotten a whole lot of other stuff done but I just didn't feel like it.


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