Wednesday, February 6, 2013

WWTK-Sports and Stuff

Kenzie and Scriptor are asking questions again this week.  Go grab the questions and join in the fun!
  1. Did you watch the Superbowl? Do you tend to like sports or do you only watch them if it is a big event or something a friend or spouse is in to? We did watch the Superbowl, but more as an excuse to get together with friends and eat snack foods.  We are not huge sports fans, except for the Olympics.
  2. What is one thing you really like but cannot understand how or why other people do not? I like to fall asleep to the TV.  Not a loud movie, but more the making of or History channel shows.  Puts me right out.  And with the sleep function on the TV, it turns off by itself.  Nick, however rarely can go to sleep with the TV on.  
  3. Describe/explain one thing that annoys you on daily basis. Hearing from Bruiser that he wants to do something "cool".  Almost always said in a whiny voice.  That phase is like fingers on a chalkboard for me.
  4. What is one food you've been really into lately or something you have really craved at one point? We have been on a pork kick lately and I have really been craving barbecue.  We watch too much Barbecue Pitmasters.
  5. Name one thing you are saving or want to save money for. A new washer.  Ours is old and while it's hanging in there, we will need a new one eventually.  It just needs to hang in there a while longer.
 Now go grab the questions for yourself and link up.

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  1. I really hate when my oldest claims he's bored. Or something is boring. That drives me nuts!

  2. The word boring drives me nutso! My daughter uses it and I have to say I get irritated on the spot. My parents would never let me say that because if I was bored, it was my own fault. Love BBQ on certain days...mostly hot summer with a cold beer. Open Pit BBQ original sauce is the BOMB! If you want some, let me know. You can only get it this side of the Mississippi!

  3. I totally agree, big sporting events like the Superbowl are fun for getting together with friends and having delicious food! Even if you don't like football, how can you turn that down?! :)

  4. I fall asleep to the same things. I should figure out how to use the sleep mode of the TV because I wake up to turn it off. The TV doesn't bother JR at all so I'm lucky there. The man could sleep through a train wreck. I'm just a little bit jealous.

  5. I watch the Superbowl for the halftime show and the snacks! Haha!
    I used to be able to sleep with the tv on, but now I have to have it off unless I am so tired that I can't stay awake.
    Mmm barbecue sounds sooo good!
    Thanks so much for linking up!

  6. I love pork too. I don't eat red meat so pork, chicken and fish are it for me.. Well, I do eat buffalo when my brother goes hunting, it's my all time favorite meat but that's more of a treat, so pork it is. I love the Pitmasters too. :)

  7. Uggghhh my kids saying "I'm bored or Can we go somewhere" annoys the crap outta me. Seriously when we were kids we HAD to find stuff to do. Our kids have it way too easy. LOL

    I need a new dryer, mine keeps catching things & leaves brown burn marks. It is so dumb!


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