Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Going Random

It's Tuesday! That means it's better than Monday.  Poor Monday.  It gets such a bad rap but it does follow Sunday.  Nothing would fare well after a day off.
Now let's get on with the Random:

  • Boys are noisy creatures.  Really, they can't be quiet.  It's an impossibility.  Nick and I are starting to revel in the quiet when they are gone.  It is blissfully quiet and we don't get interrupted constantly.
  • I'm happy to see new episodes of Top Gear in BBC.
  • I got all my laundry done this weekend.  I even got the towels folded and put away.  I rocked it.  It was the only thing I really accomplished.  
  • Chocolate is necessary.  I need to get some soon--the good chocolate. 
  • The winter blahs have hit.  They always do around this time of year.  Our preferred way of dealing with it is not really an option right now.  We'd normally load everyone up and go find a dirt road to drive down.  However most dirt roads around here are drifted in with snow.  So we can't do that.  And sadly, the snow amounts we have are not good enough to go skiing on. We need more snow.
  • Have you seen the people who are taking a Facebook vacation?  I think people take Facebook too seriously.  I can only find so much to do on it before it gets annoying and I go do something else.
  • We are a little over a month away from Spring Break.  We are headed out to California via Las Vegas and Death Valley and home via Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon.  It's an epic road trip/field trip as we are going with 11-14 geology students as chaperones.  They are paying our way and we get to take the kids, so we couldn't turn that offer down.
  • So who's ready for the weekend?  Turbo gets a long one.  He has a half day on Friday and Monday off.  He gets to come to work with us on Monday.  Wish I had his schedule.
So what's your random?  Go link it up with Stacy and check out the other randomers.
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Seriously Shawn


  1. I guess if you spend all your time doing actual things on FB then you need a break. I leave it up and play words with friends with my dad then check updates but it doesn't interfere with my life or work.

  2. Ohhh...can I be a chaperone too? That sounds like a great trip.

  3. Yay! Laundry is done!

    Ugh, I get the Winter Blahs, I wish spring would come already.

  4. Ooooh! I want to be a chaperone on that trip, too! I guess I'll have to live vicariously through you - too bad our move is later in the year or we might've run into each other on the way! :)

    It's such a good feeling to have all the laundry done and folded, isn't it? It's the little things... :)

    You are SO right that boys are noisy! I've found that out firsthand since Little Dude's arrival - I didn't know how good I had it with Princess Nagger being such a quiet one. ;)

    Princess Nagger has a long weekend this weekend, too - she was supposed to have Friday off, but it's a snow make-up day (for the freezing rain day we had a while back, no actual snow) so now it's a 4-day weekend instead of 5, since she's off Monday and Tuesday. Still a nice long one for her - and the hubby actually gets Monday off for the first time ever since this year they decided to add President's Day. :)

    Dissed by Nemo, Princess Nagger the Actress and Art Winner, Jack Frost is a Deer

  5. Your Spring Break road trip sounds like a BLAST! So fun that you get to take the kids along. Makes me want to go somewhere! :)

    I'm trying to avoid chocolate, but with V-day and Easter coming up, the aisles are stocked... so hard to walk by it!! I do have one dark chocolate bar that I bought over a month ago, and promised myself I'd have a square if a chocolate craving struck. It's still in tact... kind of a miracle!

  6. I refuse to go without chocolate. My son has Friday and Monday too. At least he'll give his little bro someone to play with. Now I want Russel Stover...

  7. My college boyfriend was a geology major (I assume he is now a full fledged geologist, but we kinda don't speak!). And they are a wilder group than one would think.... have fun! I have not uttered the words "We need more snow" since I was in high school and wanted to get out of going!

  8. Getting the laundry done feels so good. I just did the same, got it all put away and folded in the same day! I think that was a first in quite awhile.
    Lol, facebook vacation? Who are these nerds? Seriously, just step away from the computer. No need to make an announcement. Those are people who just need attention.


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