Wednesday, February 27, 2013

WWTK--Trips and Dates

 We Want to Know Wednesday is here.  Grab the questions from Kensie or Scriptor and join in.
  1. Where is your favorite place to go on vacation, and if you could choose any place to go where would you go? I really enjoyed our trip to Clearwater Beach in Florida. We had a great time. I'd go back in a heart beat.  As for favorite place, I'm not sure, we do lots of short trips, so probably heading across the state for the Fourth of July, four wheeling and camping fun.
  2. What is your favorite hobby? I would say scrap booking, but I haven't done any in years now. I'm not really a hobby kind of person.  Does reading count as a hobby, or is that more a necessity?
  3. When you need to get out of the house, what do you do? I try to get out with friends once a week--for sanity sake.  We go for a drink or two at one of the local bars.
  4. What is your go to date night idea?  We are just happy to get out of the house without the kids. We really don't have a standard date night activity.  Mostly we go to eat and have a drink.  We need to do this more.
  5. Do you have any tattoos, if so what of and where? No tattoos, yet.  I have toyed with the idea of getting the boys names or birthdates, but haven't really done anything about it yet.
  6. {BONUS} If you have a photo and don't mind showing us, feel free! Nope no photos of tattoos.
Now answer the questions and join in!

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  1. I have about 1.5 scrapbooks because I could never stick with it. I have dreams of going back to it someday.

  2. I was also wondering if putting down reading as a hobby counts .... cause like you said, it really is a necessity

  3. I don't know if reading is a hobby or not, but it's about all I do (other than watch TV and make puzzles), so I'd count it...but it is more of a necessity some days! :)

  4. I love the idea of scrapbooking, just have never done it. Reading is most definitely a hobby AND a necessity :D
    I really want to get my son's name tattooed on my wrist. But haven't since I have been looking for another job.
    Thank you so much for linking up!

  5. Trip and I haven't been on a date since October! :/


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