Monday, February 25, 2013

Monday, Already?

This last weekend went by way too fast. Fun times, relaxation, naps, and the conquering of chores.  Just what we needed.
My "weekend" started on Thursday   We began another potty training round with Bruiser   This time it seems to be sticking better. Making him clean himself up and his unders seems to be working.  We shall see if it sticks. He doesn't like cleaning his unders, so he's staying cleaner.  Now to get him pooping regularly.  That part of it we don't really have quite a handle on.  We are working on it.
Saturday, I worked on laundry.  Those laundry fairies haven't shown up yet.  Can't depend on them to do anything.  Nick found his lazy relaxing bone.  It was good for him.  We have been so go go go recently that having a day to do nothing more strenuous than changing the channel was definitely called for.
Turbo got some game time in, I even played a bit of video games.  Bruiser played batman, and cowboy.  He was pretty cute.
For the evening, we headed over to our friends house and enjoyed steak, pork chops, veggies and cake.  Then we played games, Uno Attack, Slam, card games, made an attempt at 80s trivia, then played a round of the Game of Life.  It was a great evening.
Sunday started with Nick going skiing with a friend.  We have new snow so the conditions were better than they have been since Christmas.  I hung out at home with Bruiser as Turbo spent the night with his friend C.
The day was quiet--I got a nap!  And we really just lazed around.  Well, Nick did bottle the fabulous Chocolate Silk (a dark chocolate stout).  It tastes so good flat and I'm really looking forward to trying it once it has bottle aged and carbonated. It so good already, it can only get better.
I think we really needed this weekend.  Next weekend we have friends coming in for their annual visit and will have a busy Saturday night and Sunday morning.  It's always fun to have these friends come visit.
And then it will be just about Spring Break and time for our trip--it's coming up so very fast.
What was your weekend like---relaxing, busy, or just right?  Ours fell in the just right balance of relaxing and busy.  It was just what we needed.


  1. Sadly, my University's Spring Break and my oldest son's SB do not match up! We're not going anywhere for a while. :(

  2. Sounds like a great weekend! Glad to hear things seem to be working a bit better with Bruiser this time. Figers crossed this is the last time you have to give it a go!

  3. Stick with Bruiser, he'll get it or get very good at cleaning himself up.

    We took Saturday to be lazy and spent it at the beach. That just made Sunday that much more busy.

  4. Yep. Boring. Cleaning. Laundry. Cleaning. Yeah. Chicago. Cleaning.

  5. Mmmm I could go for one of those beers! Yeah, my weekend was taking care of a sick little girl. Alas. I could use a weekend redo!

    Btw, you have some samples coming your way!

  6. That does sound like a nice weekend. I could go for one of those :)

    A couple of my friends have had issues with thier little ones going regularly so their doctors (different ones) both reccomended Miralax. A teaspoon put in thier drink, which they cannot tell its there, every other day or so helped to get them on track until they got comfortable with the feeling of needing to go & going.


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