Thursday, February 7, 2013

Spin Cycle--Ugh, That's Annoying!

So the Spin Cycle this week is all about Pet Peeves.  This has been a topic  couple of times and I've written several posts on Pet Peeves.  Post 1, post 2, and post 3, wow I've done more of these than I thought I had.
Pet peeves are fluid for me.  Looking back at those posts there are some of them that still annoy me, but others have changed.  With kids the annoyances are always evolving.
Currently there are some pet peeves that do jump out at me on a daily basis:

  • Bruiser has a new thing where he asks to do something cool.  Not just something, but something COOL.  How do you figure out what is cool to a four year old?  He doesn't want to do most of the things we suggest.  It's worse than living with a teenager, I think. For a teen I can assign chores, not so much with the four year old.
  • Finding magic dishes.  You know, the ones that appear out of no where just as you finish a sink full of dishes.
  • Turbo trying to be a beat box.  He's had this thing he does, sounding like a drum kit sort of, any way it's oh so annoying.
  • Finding random socks--little boy and big boy socks--lying around on the floor and sometimes the couch.
  • Slow drivers.  Not the ones who slow down for weather conditions, but the ones who think driving 5-10 miles an hour below the speed limit makes them a safer driver.  What they become is a hazard to those of us driving the speed limit.
I'm sure there are more, but I can't think of them right now.  They annoy me, but not so much that I think about them all the time.
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  1. As kids grow, I'm sure they're annoyances change too! My nephew is 7 now, in Grade 1, and he's got this very annoying habit of talking back and saying "duh!" all the time...drives me nuts!!! Kid thinks he's too cool for school...

    But I did giggle at Turbo beatboxing! :)

  2. I have the sock problem in my house too!

  3. LOL I totally hear you there! Especially about the slow drivers, ugh!

  4. My friend lets her toddler vacuum, and he loves it! Maybe bruiser would too. :-) I saw a cool pinterest post about things to do with kids when they are bored.
    I hate slow drivers, especially the ones that like to cut you off and then go slow!

  5. I have magic laundry baskets. I call out for all dirty clothes. I wash 'em, fold 'em, they get put away. I turn around and there's more dirty laundry. How is that possible? Ohhh.. Yeah.. Teenage man child checked under his bed.. :p

  6. Definitely get those magic dishes. Seriously a pain right! Laundry does that too. Grrrr.

    Slow drivers are dumb, really really dumb!

  7. The beat boxing thing is hysterical! The magic dish thing makes me crazy too - usually it's just after I've started the dishwasher!

    You are linked!

  8. The magic dish thing must be universal because that happens in my house all. the. time. Except a lot of times it is in the form of a bottle after I've just hand washed all the other ones.

  9. I have the magic dishes especially when I'm down to just one more dish to do, then more are carried in. I'm just grateful that they are brought in at all.

    Thanks for your spin,

  10. My MIL got pulled over for impeding traffic for that. Jerk. LOL


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