Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's, Shmalentine's

It's that sappy time of year again.  Love is in the air and all that stuff.  Yeah, for us not so much.  Oh, I love my guys and I got a Valentine card from Turbo this morning along with a nice spontaneous hug, but really, there's too much going on to pull off romantic today.

Nick and I are probably going to make a nice dinner tomorrow.  He has a meeting tonight and I'm thinking that dinner is going to be a sort of make do affair.  But tomorrow it will be surf and turf.
 If you are celebrating Valentine's with your special someone, enjoy.  If not, do something fun. Get some chocolate, wine and a movie with your celeb crush, or just good eye candy.  Then you're not alone, you're spending the evening with the perfect guy--he won't hog the covers, snore or eat all the chocolate.
Have a great day no matter how you spend it!


  1. Happy Valentines Day!

    A spontaneous hug? Those are the best kind from little boys that are of the age that hugs are icky.

  2. I'm definitely going to take that advice - I'll enjoy my dinner with the fam tonight, then cozy up with Josh Hartnett after that. ;)

    Enjoy your dinner tomorrow night!!

  3. Same to you! Hope you enjoy your dinner.

  4. This has been a really weird V day. Nobody I know, due to work, location or appts. has been able to actually "celebrate" today. Your idea about the chocolate, wine and a movie sounds perfect and yay you for getting that hug, those are the best. :) Happy Valentine's Day.


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