Thursday, December 13, 2012

Review Extravaganza--April to June

The Review Extravaganza is rolling on.  This week is all about April, May and June.

Nick went away for a long work trip.  I managed to keep us all alive and healthy--mostly.
I talked about the birth of our family.
We did random cleaning, reorganizing and meeting of babysitters.
We joined the 21st century and got smart phones.
The umbrella on the back deck

Nick brewed his first batch of all grain beer.
I did the Favorite Color Swap.
I talked about what I learned from my mother--those things you done normally think you are learning.
I got a wonderful mother's day gift.
Turbo had a school field trip.
He also had a birthday and we built him a fort for all the kids/boys in the neighborhood to hang out in.
We tried camping in hella wind.
Blowing Bubbles in the wind.

I talked about songs and the memory trips they can take you on.
I created a sort of bucket list for things to do before I turn 50.
I wrote up a father's day post for Nick.
We went camping with friends for Nick's birthday.
And didn't ahve much else exciting happen.
camping relaxation.

The best stuff happened in July, so come back next week.


  1. And I remember so much of it!! Love that. :)

  2. I remember most of it especially the beer post which maybe should concern me that the one post I remembered clearly is the one about

  3. Sounds like a great couple months; fun and semi-relaxing. :)

  4. I think I know another fond blogger who just came into the technology world by getting internet at home-- so I'm proud of you for getting a smart phone... do you feel SMARTer? hah... I can't live without mine.

  5. I love reading these posts and going, "I remember these!" I bet you don't remember what life was like before the smartphones, am I right?? I've had mine for three years, and I swear sometimes I can't remember what I did without one!

  6. Last night we were talking with some people about what things were like before cell phones-let alone smart phones and just how dependent upon them we are now. I love mine!

    I hate when my husband has to travel- as yea sometimes we barely survive :)

    You guys are definitely the campers. I always think it will be fun but in the end just never enjoy it that much.

    Thanks so much for recapping with us again.

  7. This beer thing is still intreguiging!! And smart phones are great but sometimes suck too. Great b/c I'm traveling and reading blogs though:)

  8. I used to have a smart phone when I worked, but after I quit I got rid of it, since work paid for it. I should probably re-join the 21st century, but I hate that data plans are so expensive.
    I love your family post about birth. You have such a beautiful family!


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