Thursday, September 30, 2010

Writer's Workshop--Panic Time

The Prompts:
1.) Describe the worst diet you ever put yourself on.
2.) But teachers know everything!! Write about a time a teacher disappointed you.
3.) …And then you panicked.
4.) Signs that your little one is just not that into you anymore.
5.) 10 reasons why you’re glad it’s Fall.
I'm doing number three:
....And then I panicked.
Friday the 7 of May, was a normal Friday.  I went to work and then came home and was all ready to spend the rest of the afternoon with Bruiser.  He was just beginning to run and really had no braking ability.
I had just changed his diaper and was straightening up the changing table(which is in the living room, don't judge, the kid's bedroom is in the basement and I'm not schlepping to the basement every time he needs a change).  Bruiser had gone into the kitchen and came running back into the living room.  As he ran pell-mell into the room he tripped over the carpet(why is carpet so trippy for little kids?)  I heard more than saw him hit the corner of the coffee table/TV stand that holds toys and plants--don't ask, it's to hard to explain--and knew that one would leave a mark.  The thump was loud.
I immediately picked him up as he started to scream and saw the blood oozing from the tri-corner tear in his forehead.  And then I panicked.  And called Nick so he could come home and help with the trip to the ER.   There is just a feeling of helplessness when your child gets hurt.  You can't wrap them in bubble wrap, but it's awfully tempting.

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  1. Ouch! It is so hard when your kids get hurt. My youngest was a walking accident, with cuts, bruises, and broken bones all the time. I wish we could wrap them in a bubble wrap or something!

  2. Uh. I hate when the kiddo gets hurt. We've made one emergency room trip and it was for an asthma attack. So scary!

  3. I go into Mama mode when one of my kids gets time for panicking...I have to be strong. Then I melt down later

  4. Poor Bruiser! So aptly named. I kind of wish Sprite's ER visit was more exciting. We were there for possible appendicitis and ended up with constipation. :-)

  5. We had to take my son in for stitches once - fortunately the Hub was home when it happened. Gep was a soldier about it all, and when the stitching was finished, he got up and walked out and I nearly fainted. Panic time over, I could fall apart. Gep thought that was really funny.

  6. I keep it together in the moment but the second & I mean the second someone else is there to help I completely break down. I am a cry baby & I just can't help it!


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