Friday, September 17, 2010

Spin Cycle--Education

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Hmm, education.  My thoughts on education are awfully sketchy.  I know that a good one is necessary and that to get one you have to work for it.  I also know I'd never go back to junior high or high school again. 

We had issues with Turbo last year.  He did not get along with his teacher well at all.  We were worried about how he would do this year.  I didn't want him hating school at the age of seven.  That should be saved for later, like high school.  Were we relieved when he took to his second grade teacher like a duck to water.  He is doing great.  It does break my heart a bit when he says to me after a day at school, "and Mom, I didn't get a note today!"  I have to remind him that the notes were only for first grade for the teacher he had.  And he's older now.  And has a bit better impulse control.  Still just a bit sad/mad at his first grade experience.

I myself came thisclose to being held back in the fifth grade.  I hated fifth grade.  It was boring and a repeat of everything we had done up to that point.  I was sick a lot and did not turn in the reports we had to do on time at any time during the year.  The school officials came to my mom and said that I should repeat the fifth grade, not because I couldn't do the work but because I was younger and smaller than the rest of my classmates.  They felt I was not emotionally ready for sixth grade (which was part of middle school in our town).  My mom wanted to be assured that I would not be bored the next year if I did repeat. They said no I would be in the "bright horizons" advanced classes. 

Well my mom made a deal with me that summer.  She gave me a week to do a report and I did it so on I went to sixth grade.  I had one C for the three years of middle school and two C's in high school.  The work was not the problem.  Yes, over half of my class was a year older than me, but then my home town had a high hold back rate. I now have two bachelor degrees to my name and feel I'm quite educated.  I also use the common sense that my mom instilled in me all the time.

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  1. It's amazing how a bad teacher can change a child's outlook on school, and how a good one can do the same.

  2. Good teachers make all the difference for sure!

  3. That is great that Turbo now has a teacher that he likes, they make a world of differnce.

    Your lucky you didn't get held back, I think getting held back does something negitive to a child. Like they sometimes adopt the "What's the point" attitude. I did!

  4. A bad teacher equals a bad year, no matter how smart you are.
    You're linked!

  5. I am still scarred for life by a teacher that I HATED in 2nd grade. She set the tone of how the year was going to go on the first day and my report cards were awful that year.

    Not sure what point I'm getting at, but I just wanted to share.

    I wish your little one an amazing year that outshines last year, like crazy.

    PS. Thanks for lurking, de-lurking and following. :D

  6. Teachers really do make a difference - I had a really bad history teacher in high school that made me hate history. Now I love it! :) Glad that Turbo is taking to 2nd grade like a duck to water - it is sad when kids that young have a bad experience that sours them on school so should wait until Jr. High or High School years! ;)

    Spin: Education

  7. I'm so glad he got a teacher he likes! My son (also 7 this year) just got his first "lemon." While I'm worried, I'm going to work in the class room and advocate for him whenever I need to. And, if all else fails, I'll keep him at home this year ... I don't think homeschooling is a long term plan for us but it would be better than the death of curiosity about learning that a bad teacher can instill!

  8. It's sooo tough to watch our kids struggle, isn't it? My oldest is in fifth grade this year, and so far...well, let's just say I'm trying to be very communicative with his teacher about my concerns. ;)


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