Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What I Meant to Say


Free therapy time for all those times you bit your tongue and didn't say what you meant to say.  Give your poor tongue a breaka nd say it already!  Then go link with Brittany and Angel.

Mine for this week:
To Nick:  What I said:  "It's up to you if we go for the sweet deal on the newer pop-up camper."
What I meant to say:  "You are nuts if we don't go for this camper.  It is what we want and for aprice we can't turn down, and besides you promised I got a camper if you got a four-wheeler."

To the bank:  What I said:  "Please give us this little bitty loan."
What I meant to say: "Please, please, please give us this little bitty loan.  Please?!"


  1. Good luck on getting the camper. Who can turn down a great deal?

    Thanks for playing!

  2. Sometimes begging does pay off. Good luck with the camper!

  3. Ahh. Nice. Sweet deals.
    Hope the bank gives U the loan for the camper! :)

  4. IF you get the camper I might have to come hide in it a weekend or two from my family.. Where did you say you lived again roflmbo

  5. ohhhh ahhhhhhhh! good luck!!! we were looking at one locally but decided food and clothing for school were on the budget list.

  6. Good luck honey! I hope you get your camper and "little bitty loan"! :o)

  7. Surely he didn't pass it up and I'm sure the bank could see the pleading in your eyes! LOL!

  8. What I said to the credit card people: Yes we should be able to pay the remaining balance.

    What I meant to say: Why did you let me defer the payment if I have to double up the next month!!


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