Thursday, September 9, 2010

Camping, Jones style--Spin Cycle

small cycle
This week's Spin Cycle is the Great Outdoors.  We know lots about the great outdoors at our house.  I also know that a tent is not the most comfortable way to experience the great outdoors.  It's much more comfortable in a camper.

Nick lived up to his part of the bargain.  He got his four wheeler and now I have my new camper.

We went from this... this.
Quite the upgrade.

And now I will leave you with a tale of camping with a three year old Turbo.  That summer was the first summer we had the first camper.  Turbo was three and quite the loud talker.   He had trouble saying S's, they came out sounding like D's.  And he liked poking sticks in the fire.  He also liked marshmallows, but not roasted ones.  He liked eating them plain but called it eating them naked.

Now imagine you are in the next camp site and hear form the other camp site, "Mommy, Mommy, I want to eat marshmallows naked and put my 'dick' in the fire!"
We got some really strange looks the next morning.

Camping is something that we do every summer and plan on doing lots more especially now that we have the new camper.  Getting out is our way of having fun and we have a great state to get out in.
Now Go see Jen at Sprite's Keeper for more great outdoor spins.


  1. ha, that's should bring that up more often as he gets older just to embarass him :-)

  2. We love camping. What a nice camper! I'm jealous. We have to do the tent thing. I wasn't ready to do that yet w/ the twins, so this summer when we went we rented a little cabin. It's always so much fun :-)

  3. Wow! Nice upgrade!
    I can just imagine the looks of astonishment of the other campers! LOL!

  4. Wow, how many does that camper sleep now? It just keeps going!
    Love the Turbo story.
    You're linked!

  5. Wow! That is a nice rig. You'll have quite a few lovely camping trips in that. I'm envious. I want a camper. The problem here is where to park it. We'd have to pay a lot to store it. So no camper for us :(

  6. We love camping around here too...we havent been able to go the last couple of years but are going in December during elk hunting season. WE are going to freeze!

  7. Ha ha ha that is hilarious!!! The new camper is pretty pretty pretty! :)

  8. Love the Turbo story! I bet you DID get some looks. Great Spin!

  9. Love the Turbo story! I bet you DID get some looks. Great Spin!

  10. We slept in one of those last weekend. You can feel everytime someone turns over, but a least there were beds and an AC. You should frame that story for future reference of Turbo's camping experience. It will be great when he starts to date.


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