Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Random Tuesday


  • I'm getting a cold.  It was inevitable.  Bruiser was sick and Turbo has been in school a month.  I was going to catch a cold sooner or later.  I just hope it's quick.
  • I have found a new show this fall that I like.  The Undercovers was fun and interesting last Wednesday and I think we will be watching it this fall.  We also liked the season  opener of Bones.  And all are looking forward to Mythbusters starting Oct. 6.  Turbo is waiting for Dirty jobs too.  Bruiser doesn't have much of an opinion yet.
  • Nick got his Antelope and it is quite tasty.  Turbo and he went out Saturday morning and were home with it by 10:30 am. A very short hunting season for antelope this year.
  • It's sad but I'm really hoping for the first snow to fall.  I need help with the allergies and we could use less smoke in the air.  We have had two fires within 45 miles of our town in the last month.  More are on the horizon if we don't get snow soon.
  • And now for a laugh go here.  It's a little gross but funny just the same--hey I live with guys, this is my funny now.
Now go see Keely for more random. 


  1. Way to go Nick on the antelope! There are a lot of good shows that started up again, finally. Unfortunately, since I work evenings, I have to play catch up online. Oh well, something to do while I'm folding laundry.

  2. Wow that was a short antelope hunt!

  3. Snow already? I'm okay with waiting for a bit. ;-)

    Buster has a cold too. I hope it skips me. Feel better!!

  4. Antelope jerky = tasty.

    Sorry you're sick. Tis the season, though. Get it over with early.

  5. We have our shows lined up too.
    Hopefully we won't see snow here (live in the south).
    Your funny was hilarious, but if I showed the kids, they would want to watch it over and over.

  6. I missed Bones this week, I like the show but don't catch it very often. Have a great RTT!!!

  7. I'm finally getting rid of the cold Princess Nagger brought home from school - here's hoping yours passes quickly!!

    I liked Undercovers, too - and LOVE Bones! :)

    WooHoo! Nick got his antelope! Way to go!

    I'm ready for the cooler weather to finally show up - it's been avoiding us for too long now. I hope you get some relief soon from the allergies and smoke!

  8. I think you live far enough from me that if you want snow, you can have it. But wouldn't rain do the same thing? Then the snow could wait until at least Thanksgiving. Congrats to Nick & Turbo for getting an antelope. Although they have those big brown eyes. . .

  9. I hope it snows quick so your allergies calm down.

  10. My allergies are killer, too. C'mon, snow!

    Go away cold, you bastard!


  11. First snowfall! Ack! Your allergies must be bad, because the first snowfall means several months of cold...and snow...ack!

  12. I'm waiting for the first snow to fall too. I love snow. So far, our fall has been way too hot for me. It's been in the 70s or higher, and I like it to be in about the 40s or 50s.

    I hope you're feeling better!

  13. OH MY!!! I can't stop laughing!!! The pig really did it!!:P

    boys you say, a house of boys? I don't get it.hahahaa ahhahah


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