Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Random Tuesday--Oh What a Weekend


So a new Button for Random Tuesday Thoughts.  Looks pretty cool, but then I didn't really have anything against the old one.

Ever need a weekend from your weekend?  We did so much this last weekend and are now feeling like we had no weekend at all and are now back at the grind.  We had family in town, Nick went to the first football game of the season, we went and drove across our great state to get a camper, bought said camper, took it camping, then came home-back across our great state(5-6 hours each way).  Stick a fork in me, I'm done.

Bruiser is living up to his nickname--his forehead is all scraped and bruised up.  He crashed into the bottom step of the back porch Saturday.

Our new (to us) camper is great--pictures tomorrow.  We will be so comfortable once we get the electricity figured out.  There is space for all of us and we are just thrilled and so looking forward to next summer and going on camping trips.

OK so enough gushing about our new acquisition. 

I am addicted to reading advice columns.  I read Dear Abby, Dear Prudence (on Slate magazine), Dear Margo, and the Mouthy Housewives.  If Keely actually does it, I might get to add Ask Keely(or the UnMom, whatever she calls it).  I love reading about other peoples problems.  I'd never ask a question of my own, I like to think I'm not that messed up, don't burst my bubble.

Fall is definitely in the air here.  It frosted last Thursday and this morning our furnace kicked on.  The S-word is just around the corner, I know it.  In some ways I'm looking forward to it, in others I really could have used another couple weeks of summer.

Now go see Keely and get your random on.  Ask her a question if your feeling brave, or just want to know the answer.


  1. I love advice columns, too! That and my new addicition is reality shows about people who are basically trainwrecks...Hoarders, Teen Mom...anything that can distract from my own problems and make them seem small in comparison. Always a good coping mechanism :-)

  2. It was so cold in our house on Saturday morning!! We didn't have our furnace on, but it would have gone on for sure!! Of course, today it's supposed to be 83!

  3. I definitely need a weekend from my weekend right now!

  4. I too had a full weekend and absolute blast, but am BEAT now. :-)

  5. This weekend was exhausting. Waiting for pics of the camper. We love to camp.

  6. Congrats on the new camper! Can't wait to see the pics.

    I can't wait for Keely's column either.

    I'm so psyched about Fall and Winter! I've been done with summer for about 2 weeks now.

  7. I love Dear Abby. Whenever I come across the column I have to read it and wonder how desperate the writer must have been to drop her a note. Must have reached their last straw.

    New camper...oooooh.

  8. That is soo cool that yall got that camper and have already tested it out! I bet the kids had a great time!

    I am soo ready for fall, not so much winter just yet, but then again anything is better than the temps we have been having lately.


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